Rush coach wrong to blame officials

I’ve been and remain a loyal season ticket holder from the first days when the ice arena was being built. I was a player, official and supervisor of officials for over 35 years until my retirement from hockey.

It was disheartening reading our coach comment on the bad call by the officials and imply how it might have cost us a victory. How many opportunities did the Rush fail to take advantage of? Any bad line changes? Any foolish penalties? Power plays we didn’t score on? Blown passes or missed breakaways? I can remember making several less than perfect/bad calls over some 35 years officiating, but I never felt that any one of my calls resulted in giving the game to either team.

Coach comments he has a young team that hasn’t learned “how to win.” But just who’s responsible for teaching that skill and then motivating players to work harder? It would be refreshing to hear coach, owners or media folks recognize just who was responsible for picking two coaches neither having had much significant coaching experience other than watching Ferris and DeSantis run the team for several losing seasons and who selected the “best” players to suit their plans. Let’s be honest and move forward.

Andy Hollander


President Trump earned his victory

All the talking heads and Democratic loony tunes are questioning our president's mental health.

Well how does a man with brain problems become one of the richest men in America? How did he manage to run so many successful business enterprises? How did he get elected if he's nuts? Did only crazy people vote for him? He is the boss for three more years.

Get over it you bunch of scallywags.

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Jack Sayles


Volunteer deserves our gratitude

Congratulations to Mandy Mckee. She is our guardian angel award recipient this year.

We couldn't survive a day without you. With all our love and eternal gratitude.

V.A.P. Volunteer Family

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