The generosity of a friend: priceless

You can put a price tag on just about everything in life but gratitude.

On behalf of 13 members of our widowed group, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Big Bill who transformed a common day into a day of "Thanksgiving." Bill surprised us all by paying for our meals at a local restaurant. That's gratitude.

Thanks Bill for being a great friend. You're like a four-leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.

George B. Wallace

Rapid City

Use Civic Center to help homeless

During a recent series of stories and letters to the editor, one of the topics that keeps coming up is providing shelter to the homeless during times of extreme cold.

The Mission isn't able to take them all in, and some of the churches in town have opened their doors, but as one police officer put it, they may not be trained or capable of handling someone who is intoxicated. Why doesn't the city open up the Civic Center to provide shelter during times of life-threatening cold? Those who stay could be monitored by a handful of police officers to make sure everyone is safe.

City resources like the Civic Center should be used to take care of everyone in our community, not just those of us who can afford to buy a ticket to get in.

Justin Harn

Rapid City

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Solar panel tariffs will hurt the US

Listening to the misinformed cheer President Trump's 30 percent tariff on solar panels from China as another "Make America Great" policy, it is easy to recognize that this new tariff will have the exact opposite effect.

 Industry insiders are estimating that there will be a 20 percent drop in solar industry employment for the simple reason that this tariff will have only one outcome - drastically more expensive solar panel installation. Far from a "Make America Great" policy, this is merely a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry and a "Keep America addicted to oil and gas" policy.

You want to "Make America Great", Mr. Trump? Stop being a shill for the oil companies and allow the future to come. It will anyway.

Paul Wheeler

Hot Springs

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