Amendment W good for the state

Our great state of South Dakota needs clean and fairly run elections. Our great state needs clean and fairly run state government in Pierre. This Journal reader was happy to read the front page story on Jan. 1, "Ethics measure approved for 2018 ballot."

The article told how supporters of this measure had turned in enough good signatures to put the ethics measure on our November election ballot. The story summed up that the ethics measure "...would tighten campaign finance and lobbying restrictions. It also would create an independent ethics commission and prevent the Legislature from altering or rejecting laws approved by the voters without returning to the ballot."

This is great news for those in our state (Republican, Democratic, Independent) who value clean and fair politics and clean and fair government. I urge South Dakota voters to support what the newspaper story said is being called "Constitutional Amendment W" when they vote in November.

David Nickel


Republicans aim to obstruct justice

The Republicans in Washington are now moving en masse to obstruct justice. They are moving to attack Muller and anyone in the FBI that Comey talked to about Trump pressuring him to let Flynn go and to stop this Russian Investigation.

 The Republicans are in essence attempting to obstruct the legal process of finding out what actually happened and to stop the facts of the case from being found out. What these Republicans are doing is not only illegal but unconstitutional. The power they have gained breeds contempt for the law and any truth that would come out of this Russian investigation. They are deathly afraid that Muller will prove beyond doubt two things. First that Trump worked with Russia to help himself get elected, and second that he obstructed the investigation. Both are felonies and impeachable offences. They are afraid because Trump supporters do not care if Trump committed these felonies and they will punish anyone who tries to impeach him.

So much for the rule of law in Republican-controlled Washington and at home in each state where the people reside. It is a sad day for American democracy.

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Brent Cox


Symphony concert was a success

The New Year’s Eve concert by the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra was superb. Excellent. Jack Knowles would be very proud of you folks. Thank you very much.

Lowell Holmgren

Rapid City

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