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More guns won’t protect children

The Florida mass killing proved that even trained law enforcement personnel are not going be reliably effective in arriving at and intervening in a mass killing event. The mayhem will still be catastrophic and will likely end before help arrives. As Parkland proves, even an armed deputy is not guaranteeing of safety and security.

“Hardening our schools” will make our schools fortresses instead of schools we can be proud to send our children to. Arming teachers will just result in gunfights in our schools. Both of these proposals will take a long time and cost huge amounts of money.

The most immediate, efficient and effective means begin reducing the killing is to: 1) Ban the manufacture, sale, and possession of rapid-fire guns with high capacity magazines; 2) Initiate a gun buy-back program to get these weapons off the streets; and 3) Hold anyone who owns one of these ghastly weapons to be criminally responsible in a case their weapon is involved in a mass killing. This approach in no way denies people the right to own appropriate guns for hunting, recreation or protection purposes.

Douglas Erickson

Rapid City

The real victims of today's wars

Men do the fighting and killing, women do birthing, that's how it's always been. Some men aren't good at killing, and not all women are good at birthing. But guess who gets the medals and the praise? And mental illness? What does religion say? Thou shalt not kill? That command is for an unwanted fetus or using birth control — not going to war.

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World religions allow war because  — win or lose — it benefits them. Jesus said he came not to bring peace, but a sword. Doesn't that sound warlike? What they really don't like is that women now realize it's their kids who die, kids who don't deserve health care but are used as weapons of war. We've seen how little the Great Liar cares about anyone but himself, power and money. Sick.

We live in a universe that is really huge and has been here forever. But if we can't learn and don't really care, it will go on without us. And all the beautiful babies, of every kind? We should be ashamed. And you still don't think we should try to save our "Mother"? How about if we refer to her as "Dad"?

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

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