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Credit unions should be taxed  

Clinging to the tenuous notion that the continuing credit union tax exemption can in any way be justified by having “volunteer directors” is as thinly veiled as their all but non-existent “common bond” membership requirements.

It would appear that anyone who breaths oxygen and has the price of a $15 annual fee qualifies for membership. The now 80-plus years of credit unions being exempt from both federal income tax and any applicable state taxes (in SD it would be the bank franchise tax of 6 percent), should now be seen as nothing less than a patriotic affront to America.

It’s time for credit unions to start paying their fair share.

Jeb Clarkson

Belle Fourche

'Team Trump' very disappointing

"Team Trump" never misses an opportunity to show itself as the biggest dis-cluster-function of all time. It isn't just all the departures and investigations but everybody (and their dog) that were ever affiliated are chomping at the bit to enter the limelight.The Trump's administration is an extension of his TV reality show. I, for one, am "embarrassed to tears" just over these antics but what about the the worldwide damage inflicted by this boorish cad who is perceived as a useful idiot by our enemies.

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Tom Steyer asks the question "why is he still our president"? My short list of reasons for Trump's departure: He lies incessantly, his family makes money off his presidency, his shady deals with crooks and Russians, doesn't pay his bills but pays women to stay silent, admires despots, spreads discourse with our allies, publicly belittles non-sycophants, he's blatantly narcissistic yet lacks self perception and last but not least, he golfs way too much. Trump claims "nothing to hide here." I don't know, perhaps Team Trump needs to hide its face.

Did I mention that Trump looks and acts a lot like Andy Kaufman's alter ego,Tony Clifton?

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

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