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NRA not responsible for school shooting

I am going to join the NRA. All you stupid people who are blaming the NRA for the murder of 14 innocent high school students and three staff members don't have a clue. The NRA was not present in that school when that murderer Cruz was doing the shooting.

There were, however, big signs at the school "gun free zone." Maybe if those deputies were NRA members they would have stopped the killing, or at least tried to. Signs are not going to stop crimes from being committed no matter what those signs say (speed limit 45, no left turn, stop signs, yield signs). Drug free zones don't stop people from using drugs. We have laws against robbing banks, murder, stealing, assault, speeding, reckless driving, all sort of laws.

People who break the law pay no mind to laws — that's why they are called lawbreakers. All of this talk is just that, talk. Cruz should be drawn and quartered as his punishment when he is convicted.

Jack Sayles


Lawmakers don't deserve pay raise

Kudos to the Journal for the editorial “Lawmakers too generous with pay plan.” I found it especially timely after Sen. Billie Sutton’s attempt to pass a pre-kindergarten education plan, and its lack of support supposedly because there were no funds. However, since the Legislature did not earmark where its over half-million dollar pay raise comes from, I think there are funds to cover pre-kindergarten education and other needs as cited by the editorial.

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 I urge readers to take a second look for whom they vote.  I urge state employees to ask legislators how they justify a pay raise when they did not receive one last year. I urge readers in favor of a West River mental health location to ask legislators how they justify a pay raise when they ignore the plight of those who need help, ignore the needs of thousands who would benefit from Medicaid expansion, and other needs based on 600 bills introduced this session.

I urge readers to ask if the Legislature and governor’s seat are to become a monopoly of Republicans, whose disregard for the people’s voice gets bolder every year like the proposed changes to the requirements of people who pass petitions for ballot measures and the reversal of the ethics bill passed by the voters.

Mary Richards


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