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Trump's business savvy paying off

President Trump had another big win recently to add to his huge list of wins he has accumulated so far, most of which the MSM never mentioned. When he first came into office, he found there were two new Air Force Ones being built for $4 billion. He said no way that price would have to come down. They have been negotiating with Boeing and the results of the negotiating have been announced. The planes are being built for $1.4 billion savings to the government. That's the difference between having a politician in charge of our money and a businessman who treats our money as if it was their own and works to save as much as he can. He also cut the White House budget by $5 million a year. The president's money-saving practices extend to foreign aid. The latest victim is Cambodia, another country that does nothing to deserve our foreign aid. So, the president decided to keep those millions of dollars for ourselves.

Our president should be judged by what he does or doesn't do, not what the MSM says he does or doesn't do.

John Ruff


AR-15 is being unfairly demonized

Is the AR-15 an assault rifle? No. Does the AR stand for assault rifle? No. Does this rifle stand for assault or automatic rifle? No. Was this rifle referred to by the presumptive Democrat candidate running for the POTUS, as a weapon of war? Yes.

There are similarities in style to some military combat assault rifles, such as the M-16. The military assault rifle is capable of firing bullets in an automatic mode with just one pull of the trigger. The civilian AR-15 is incapable of automatic fire as only one bullet is fired each time the trigger is pulled.  The “AR” designation actually stands for ArmaLite Rifle and is the name of the company that manufactured the AR-15, which remains a civilian firearm, not an assault rifle.

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The Concise Oxford English Dictionary describes an assault rifle thus: a lightweight rifle which may be set to fire automatically or semi-automatically. In similar words, assault rifles are battlefield rifles, weapons of war and are capable of shooting bullets automatically. The AR-15 semi-automatic rifle continues to be intentionally demonized and targeted by many political pundits who purposely confuse the unlearned public enough into believing their falsehoods. This spreads deceit.

Ernest Foss Jr.

Black Hawk

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