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City voters should back a new arena

Only two things could defeat the civic center arena project: ignorance and apathy. And possibly a third: pessimism. So, if you haven’t taken the time to find out about the cost and benefits of the project, or you don’t care, don’t vote. If you are informed, you already care, and you should vote whether you are optimistic or pessimistic. I assume that the four former mayors who have come out against the project are informed and care so that only leaves pessimism for their reasoning — or a political agenda.

My family and I have lived in Rapid City most of our lives. We remember what the greenway along Rapid Creek was like before the 1972 flood. The loss of life and destruction was horrible, but the strength, resilience and optimism of the community led to the greenway parks system, expansion of Meadowbrook Golf Couse and the civic center with Barnett Arena. The spirit of optimism and community caring has prevailed throughout Rapid City’s history and led to steady community and economic growth.

There is some risk to proceeding with the project, but it has been considered and accounted for by our elected officials. Please vote “yes” for the new arena.

Ron Blum

Rapid City

City needs to improve parking spots

There’s no charge for this off-the-cuff parking study for downtown Rapid City.

Don’t be so cheap with the size of the parking spaces. Cody, Wyoming, is a tourist town with luxuriously large and inviting spaces. Lengthening the spaces is hard to do on Man and Saint Joseph streets but could be accomplished on some north-south streets.

Widening the parking spaces is easily done and would reduce door dings, dents and road rage while a much more pleasurable parking experience for locals and especially out-of-town friends driving trucks.

Ray Greff

Rapid City

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Vote for Boechler for school board

I am writing on behalf of Collin Boechler, who is running for school board in Rapid City. I’ve known Collin for several years. He is extremely interested and devoted to the education of all students.

Collin is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of a well-rounded education, and his top priority is the total welfare of the students. His interest centers around both the curricular and extra-curricular activities. His primary belief is that all students should be provided every opportunity to excel and succeed.

Please consider voting for him as he will give this opportunity substantial effort. Collin is always willing to listen to all sides of every issue before arriving at an informed conclusion.

Greg Schaefer

Rapid City

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