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New arena creates too much debt

New arena voters. Facts: Cost $180 million ($130 million plus $50 million in interest over 30 years). Debt: Citizens will pay $6 million per year for 30 years. Since 2009 Barnett and civic attendance down 25 percent.

Civic never had a sign on it for 38 years until 2015 on the south side costing $16,000 unreadable from any street. Barnett never has a sign. On 8th Street, civic has a sign on the berm with a non-functioning digital reader board. No signs to indicate what events are taking place or coming. Groups paying big dollars for a “yes” vote are more money for businesses and builders of the arena. Business expansion is done when a business is successful. Management is responsible for success. Citizens should not bail them out.

A new arena is a legacy of 30 years of debt. KOTA repeats the $130 million as stated by the mayor. The fact is $180 million. The mayor stated: Fun for the young people and jobs. $180 million is fun, really? A "no vote" is "no debt." Voters, the decision is ours.

Allen McPherson

Rapid City

Mining operation still threatens Hills

This Canadian mining company that wants to build a so-called underground mine in one of the most pristine scenic areas of the Black Hills says they do not want to use water from Rapid Creek. I say that is not the main issue here, even if they do not use the water there is a chance that they will pollute the creek anyway.

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Are they going to build dams nearby to process the gold using extremely dangerous pollutants? How many thousands of acres will they destroy to build roads and massive buildings to operate this mine. Unless they are putting up a billion-dollar cash bond for when and if they go bankrupt and leave a major billion-dollar disaster — like the one that happened near Deadwood that has yet to be cleaned up and still endangers the lives of thousands of people downstream from it.

If they suddenly leave the state, the county and Rapid City will be stuck with a potential never ending cleanup like the one near Deadwood (also, a Canadian operation that took its money and left the country). The people who care about the Black Hills need to stop it now.

Brent Cox


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