GOP's trickle down economics won't work

Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn admits proposed GOP tax plans are “trickle down” economics, which most economists agree shunt wealth away from workers to corporate owners and CEOs. Business Insider says current GOP plans aren’t even a good try at trickle down. They reward people sitting on capital, not people growing new businesses making new hires.

Compromise that aligns U.S. corporate taxes better with global competitors, lowering the rate but closing loopholes, taxing only profits inside the U.S. so companies stop financial tricks parking profits overseas, may work better than offering working families tiny temporary tax cuts, while wealthy families get huge cuts, entrenching an aristocracy free of estate tax. Trickle down can’t fix computers and global competition suppressing wages. Retraining programs in new economy skills, such that those losing old economy jobs can accept new ones as they open, encouraging them to pick up and move to where the work is as necessary, the way our forebears did, sometimes multiple times a lifetime, are answers.

Budget deficits were an atrocity for Republicans when Obama temporarily raised them to stop Great Depression 2. Want to let Republicans raise deficits and take your health insurance just to make America’s wealthy wealthier?

Peter Hasby

Rapid City

Alabama voters put to the test

Alabama voters have a tough decision concerning Mr. Roy Moore. On one hand, you have a man whose platform is extremely popular with his base. This coupled with his seemingly deep religious convictions infused into his politics makes for a dilemma.

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Do I dismiss eight different accusers? Are they all motivated to lie for some personnel or political gain? Or is Mr. Moore not the person he says he is? Wow, if he is a person inflicting such pain how do I justify a vote for him in my heart? Well people, change is coming. I hope the voters take that in consideration. To me, odds are more likely Mr. Moore is guilty than innocent of lewd/inappropriate behavior.

So do I vote for Moore? Not vote? Is my disgust for the other political party so strong that I'm willing to dismiss my moral compass? It will be something to watch.

Kent Hersey

Hill City

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