Many thanks for turkey giveaway

Thank you to all the friends of Feeding South Dakota who made our 7th Annual Turkey Giveaway such a success. As a result of the generosity of the community, we were able to provide 500 families with a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

The support we received from the community was astounding with each day bringing yet another business, service organization or individual forward to help. We are incredibly appreciative and grateful for the support of Ron Jeffries who offered the use of the Central States Fairgrounds and the expertise of his staff who were immensely helpful with the logistics of the event. Special thanks to AT&T who provided the Thanksgiving fixings, Starbucks and Jerry’s Cakes and Donuts for providing refreshments, and Keiffer Sanitation.

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped the day of the event as well as those who helped us prepare and package the food for the giveaway. In closing, we thank Sgt. Wayne Asscherick and the Rapid City Police Department who assisted in ensuring a safe and orderly event.

George Rokusek

Rapid City

GOP tax plan a win for the rich

For the second time in a month, your astute editorial page editor has provided contrasting op-ed pieces showing how our congressional representatives are dumbing down the tax reform discussion.

First it was Kristi Noem (really, Estate Taxes that affect almost nobody?). This time it is Sen. Thune quoting a business-oriented, conservative-leaning so-called non-partisan group (The Tax Foundation) to justify his support of "tax reform." On the same page, Ruth Marcus correctly points out the low-ball deficit projections used by the GOP in both houses to sell the plan.

I submit a more proper term would be "tax redistribution" since most of the permanent gains go to corporations and those high up in the food chain while benefits for the middle class are much less percentage-wise and will expire in 10 years. The Republicans need a "win" — but this is not it.

Hank Whitney


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Stuttering group offers its thanks

Thanksgiving grants us time each year to reflect on our blessings with gratitude and to look forward to the New Year with anticipation. At the Stuttering Foundation, we would like to take that time to give thanks.

Thank you to the parents who take the time to read with their child, whether he stutters or not. Thank you to the teachers who make the effort to provide understanding for their students who stutter.

Thank you to all the famous people who stutter who have persevered to succeed as actors, musicians, statesmen and athletes, providing inspiration to the rest of us.

Jane Fraser

President, Stuttering Foundation


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