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This was posted on Facebook under the category of you know you're from Rapid City when …

“Rapid City friends: I hope this is appropriate. A mom of a SDSMT student reached out to see if a family could adopt her son (age 22) for the Thanksgiving meal. They cannot afford to fly him home, and he is, so far, alone for the holiday.” A second post then said: “Please let me know if you can make room at your table for one more! Seems there may be several other students who don't have a place for Thanksgiving. Can you make room for more than one??”

This is what I love about South Dakota and miss about Rapid City. There were more than several people who not only offered to take students in but also suggested getting this young man home for the holidays. With so much negativity in the world, just thought we can focus on a bit of compassion.

Tobi Baker

Sioux Falls

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This Bruce Evans happily married

Here we go again — another letter to the editor by "Bruce Evans." Well, my name is Bruce A. Evans, and I am an orthodontist in Rapid City. I did not write the letter to the editor entitled "SD needs to reform divorce laws" that appeared in the Nov. 16 Rapid City Journal. I am happily married for nearly 20 years.

Bruce A. Evans

Rapid City

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