SD hospitality has changed little

I was mentioned in an article on Sunday, Oct, 29, regarding the Minuteman Missile accident near Vale involving the recovery of the warhead. I appreciate the opportunity afforded to me by reporter Seth Tupper to contribute to the story.

I want to add a few words that are important. South Dakota was my first assignment in the USAF and the first time away from South Texas. During my assignment, I traveled to missile sites almost daily from Ellsworth AFB. I had the opportunity to meet many people along the traveled routes and became friends with a lot of them. I was impressed then and continue to be amazed today by how genuine and friendly the folks in South Dakota were. They welcomed all of us in the Air Force to their communities. I was as comfortable as if I had been in my hometown in Texas.

I appreciated it then and wanted to express it now — over 50 years later. I will always remember South Dakota with fond memories and a special feeling towards that period of my 43-year Air Force career.

Bob Hicks

Cibolo, Texas

Dogs shouldn't be used on lions

A Republican-appointed Game, Fish and Parks Commission advances rules to allow mountain-lion hunts on public versus private land by dogs.

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The petition came from Brian Tisdall to allow more hunting with dogs which "tree the lions." It is beyond reason to allow dogs to "tree the lions" then allow the "hunters" to use the Savage AXIS II XP rifle with a Vortex 3.5-10 x 50 scope to kill an animal in a tree.

What a challenge that must be.         

W.C. Hauk


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