Politicians can learn from comedian

I was very disappointed in reading the news story about comedian Louis CK. This whole incident is yet another example of how we have reached a point in our culture where people simply aren't going to take the abuse of power the way they have in the past.

 I thought Louis' statement was about as good as he could have done. He says it is all true, takes full responsibility, makes no excuses, expresses authentic regret to all the people he has hurt.

 If only some of our politicians could learn from some of our comedians.

Jeff Rohr

Rapid City

Lawmakers should pursue gun control

Thanks, John Tsitrian, for your excellent commentary on Sen. Thune's double-standard on violence. And it is not only Thune — it is our South Dakota congressional representatives Kristi Noem and Mike Rounds, as well, who do nothing to enact legislation to curb our gun violence.

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Folks, you were elected to represent all South Dakotans, and there are thousands of us who want you to start making strides to curb our nation's gun violence. In the U.S., we have more guns, more relaxed gun laws and more gun deaths than any other civilized nation in the world. Yes, Mr. Trump, it is about the guns.

So yes, we know there are obstacles to any legislation, but we can toughen background checks, ban bump stocks, ban under 21 gun possession and research smart guns. We must start now.

Pat Hoffman


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