Richard Horkey a special man

I am a Canadian living in Puerto Rico where I had the pleasure of experiencing Richard Horkey's kindness outside of any role as a volunteer.

I have traveled through six continents and some 40 countries and once in a while we hopefully all meet someone whom we feel is just a good person in the deepest sense of the word — that special person who has a moral compass.

Your article proved what I had suspected. Thank you for recognizing one of your finest citizens — la crème de la crème.

Janet Renou

Rincon, Puerto Rico  

SD a great place for the middle class

Most of us agree South Dakota is a great place to live with low cost of living, housing and taxes. GOBankingRates (a personal finance resource located in Los Angeles and founded in 2004) agrees.

In two analysis they recently completed, they found South Dakota was the very best state (Number 1 of 50) to start a business. It gets better. They also found that South Dakota came in second of all 50 states for middle-class families.

David Hall

Box Elder

Tax bill shouldn't target health care

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House Republicans have passed a tax cut bill that will reduce federal revenue by several trillion dollars over ten years. To partially offset the loss of revenue, the bill includes elimination of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate.

It’s estimated that 13 million people may drop out of the marketplace. Thereby, saving the government over $300 billion — the cost of subsides otherwise due those 13 million Americans. By creating chaos in the individual market, the GOP may well succeed in ending the help the working poor have been receiving.

No other developed country allows its people to die and go bankrupt for lack of health insurance. In the year 2000, the performance of our health-care system was ranked 37th by the World Health Organization. Not much has changed. We deserve to have affordable universal health care like all other developed nations. It seems only the oligarchs are represented in Congress. The little people continue to be politically disenfranchised and sacrificed on the way to ever increasing inequality.

Robert Wilfong

Rapid City

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