When did America become so tacky?

I recently attended a charity event to raise money for veterans. My wife and I, both retired veterans, dressed up. She wore a long evening gown with her best necklace. I wore a black suit with tie but did debate wearing my tux or Air Force mess dress.

We got there and looked around — well-worn blue jeans with soiled cowboy boots, exercise suits, pant suits on women that looked like pajamas. When did America become so tacky? I would hate to see what you will wear to a funeral.

David Johnston

Rapid City

Congress disappoints a divided nation

Wouldn't it be nice if the country could declare a truce with itself for a month? Of course, that would put the news networks out of business now wouldn't it.

And it seems like the whole country has gotten into the "gotcha last" mindset. And let's face it, the politicians on both sides of the aisle have turned the Congress of the United States into a bunch of ineffectual babbling idiots without a bipartisan bone in their body.

The aforementioned are just the words I can say in polite company. Have a nice day.

William Elliott

Hot Springs

Thune backs tax breaks for the rich

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The question arises again: Who does Sen. Thune represent?  I am referring to his commentary in the Journal on Oct. 22 where he exclaims “It’s time to kill the death tax.” Thune refers to the federal estate tax that now only affects a single person with an estate over $5 million or married couple with an estate over $10 million. I would guess that tax would not affect more than 1 percent of South Dakotans.

Paul Krugman wrote in his Oct. 12 column in the New York Times about the Republican push for tax reform that gives 80 percent of the gains to the top 1 percent and 12 percent to the middle 60 percent. More than a quarter of middle-class families would see their taxes rise under the Republican plan. So why do Sens. Thune and Rounds push for tax changes that only help the wealthy and give little help to the middle class? The wealthy give big contributions to their re-election campaigns. 

Thune and Rounds have sold out most South Dakota citizens for campaign dollars from the East. We need to get rid of Thune and Rounds and elect honest folk who represent all of South Dakota.

Reed Richards


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