For Trump, it's all about Obama

Picture this: a large rescue ship serving a great many people is sailing along, not the best ship in the world, but doing a good job of taking care of its passengers. Thoughtful people are planning to improve and upgrade it.

Unfortunately, a pirate ship nearby has started firing holes into the bigger vessel. Its captain is shamefully sending out messages claiming the ship is poorly built, is now leaking, and certain to sink before long. Also unfortunately, lots of trusting folks believe him. But those who planned to improve the ship are appalled, worried sick about the people on board. Many are certain to be lost.

And why is the pirate ship sabotaging the other vessel? Sadly, because of the name painted on its bow — “The Obamacare.”

Marcia Mitchell

Hill City

Freshman Impact is changing lives

I have submitted an event coming up for Freshman Impact, and I have seen in just my few years with this program your great coverage especially here in Rapid City. However, there was no coverage this year and that is most likely due to local coordinators lack of information generated.

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Today, I am writing on a more personal note to express the importance of this program, which includes the fundraising event nearing fast. I myself joined the program as a volunteer shortly after the death of my best friend/business partner Gabby Fisher at Lake Pactola in 2015. Fortunately, my story was put to good use when I was asked to participate in an all-day educational program for teens about the consequences of drinking and driving.

But then I realized this program offers so much more than just that — suicide prevention, cyberbullying, social media threats, healthy relationships along with distracted driving, which is more of an issue than ever, are addressed. I have since become a board member and now am trying to get even more much-needed coverage for this powerful program.

Leah Rachel Zandstra

Rapid City

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