Changes add costs for students

I am writing about the graduation requirements for South Dakota high schools. Currently, I am enrolled in both Black Hills State University and Central High through duel enrollment. I am a duel enrollee because I am part of the 1 percent affected by changes in the high school graduation requirements effective in 2014-2015 school year.

I was supposed to take World History but was unable to because of scheduling conflicts. In order to take World History along with U.S History at the high school this year, I would have had to drop AP Chemistry and orchestra. The World History credit is a freshman-only class in the 2018-2019 school year. I will not be able to take it unless I take it online through credit recovery or I take it during summer school and pay for it. Paying for education when we are supposed to be getting a free education is not fair to the student and adds an unnecessary financial burden.

Now I ask, why are students being punished for wanting a well-rounded education, which includes fine arts and upper level classes?

Juanita Mushitz

Rapid City

Republicans have wrong priorities

Republicans have proven over and over again for at least 30 years that everything they do is to further enrich the already rich and take from the rest of us. Christians cannot vote for Republicans because nowhere in the Bible does it say to take from the poor and give to the rich. Republicans cut taxes for the rich and cut spending that penalizes the poor and middle class.

The most recent Republican health-care bill fits the Republican plan to reward the rich and take from everyone else. We can have a health-care plan that covers all Americans and at much lower cost than we currently pay. Several countries have health care that is superior to ours and covers everyone at a much lower cost.

Why won't the Republicans discuss a plan that is better for all of us?

Howard Reid

Belle Fourche

Gun laws won't deter criminals

Anybody that thinks bad guys will obey new gun laws is wrong. They don’t obey the current laws.

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George Kruse

Rapid City  

Senator shows what small is about

Sen. Thune: You have now demonstrated how to get small.

Winston Barclay

Hill City

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