Republicans should defend DiSanto

Recently at a Wingnuts luncheon, several people representing the Pennington County Republican Party made impassioned pleas for the Wingnuts to return to the party. Several did. Now we see the result. These very same Republicans turned on, defamed and insulted the integrity of one of our finest conservative legislators, Lynne DiSanto.

One of these people, a claimed strict constitutionalist, refused to acknowledge DiSanto's constitutional right of free speech. They all claimed DiSanto made a mistake and should apologize. The only people that should be apologizing are the Republicans that didn't have the guts to defend DiSanto and her rights. DiSanto shouldn’t have apologized for anything. There was no mistake. Her post was the truth. Stand in the roadways, you are dead. Is that hard to understand?

Once again the liberal Republicans faced with a controversy from the radical left is bowing, pleading, apologizing and casting blame. Lynne DiSanto and the people who support her have nothing to be sorry for, and the people attacking us should apologize for wasting our time with this nonsense.

Bill Napoli

Rapid City

Soldiers fought to protect free speech

Valiant soldiers who lived and died to protect and preserve our nation's values and liberties did so to defend the Constitution of the U.S. — this includes First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

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Standing or kneeling for the national anthem is not about respect or disrespect for our flag, our nation, or our soldiers. It is about preserving one amendment, the First Amendment, of the Constitution. It is not Trump's place as president of the United States to thrust himself into the affairs of the NFL. With major issues facing our country, both internally and throughout the world, diverting focus onto the NFL only serves to further divide our nation and impede progress to addressing these issues.

It is ironic that the president wants to dictate what is pride and support for our troops but is also the same person who called prisoner of war John McCain a loser.

Judy Warfel


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