Faith can aid the hopeless

There is a glaring omission in the efforts to address the tragedy of teen suicide: For over fifty years we've taught our schoolchildren that they are simply evolved animals, that there is no God, no Heaven, no Judgement Day, no reward for good or punishment for evil. We've told them that when the people they love die, they will never see them again, and that when they themselves die, they'll simply cease to exist. In short, we've stripped life of any lasting meaning and taken away all hope.

Jesus Christ didn't come to Earth so people could argue about religion. He came to conquer death. Through Him, we can be assured of life and light beyond the grave, and know our lives have meaning and purpose while we walk this earthly journey.

We consult mental health, law enforcement and education professionals for answers while utterly disregarding the spiritual hunger of these precious young people. Let's love our children enough to teach them that they are precious in the sight of God, and that He is there for them to turn to in times of darkness, pain and fear. Let's reintroduce hope.

Peggy Reitzel


Immigrants can help home nations

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What would happen if approximately one million illegal DACA young people would be returned to their country of origin? We are told by the media that these are bright, law abiding and educated young people.

Imagine the profound positive change they would have in their third world country of origin. This effect would be similar to our foreign exchange student program and be a win-win for all of the countries involved. Think about it.

Ed Miedema


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