Mexico important neighbor to US

It's usually wise to maintain good relations with your closest neighbors. Mexico has generally been a good neighbor to us. They are the third largest market for American exports, and South Dakota exports to Mexico top $400 million each year. If Trump antagonized Mexico until they quit purchasing our beef, corn and soybeans, farmers and ranchers would suffer.

Trump is creating hostile feelings between our two countries, starting with his "big, beautiful wall." Much of the Mexican border is the Rio Grande, where a wall would prevent American ranchers from watering their cattle. In Arizona, a wall could drive jaguar and other endangered species to extinction. Let's remember that most Mexicans and Central Americans in this country illegally overstayed temporary work visas; they did not sneak across the border. Without undocumented workers, it will be difficult or impossible to rebuild Houston. Mexican immigrants have made a substantial contribution to our culture.

Republicans in Washington need to stand up to Trump and tell him the wall is a terrible idea. Immigration is a complex issue that cries out for compromise. We should approach our southern neighbor with a positive attitude.

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Jay Davis

Rapid City

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