GOP endorses DiSanto's meme

The statement Rep. Lynne DiSanto shared with her Facebook friends, and in so doing with millions of others, I find despicable and shocking. The fact that Republican House Leader Lee Qualm sees it as nothing and states that he is happy to have Rep. DiSanto continue to serve as a majority whip is just as shocking.

Ms. DiSanto, I want you to know that a movement advocating the splattering of people with an SUV who disagree with us is not a movement we can all support. I commend the Rapid City Journal in their calling for you to apologize.

Where are the Republican Party Leaders of our state: Gov. Daugaard, Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds and Rep. Noem? Your silence is speaking loudly and clearly.

Larry Peterson


DiSanto should not be re-elected

Dear citizens of Pennington County, I respectfully request that you re-think your choice of Representative Lynne DiSanto. Her post on social media depicting a person being run over by a vehicle with the words “All Lives Splatter,” “Nobody cares about your protest” and “Keep your (expletive) out of the road."

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Her thoughtless post indicates at best she is tone deaf to the racism rampant in our country and the tragedy resulting in the death of a peaceful protester in Charlottesville who was run over by a domestic terrorist. At worst, it indicates she is unaware of our First Amendment right to speak up and protest against social injustice.

I grew up in Rapid City and love the state of South Dakota. Do not let this craven individual speak for you. Vote her out of office.

Linda Spencer

Provo, Utah

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