Get the facts on Barnett Arena

Mayor Allender and city hall staff are to be commended for their sincere effort to provide information relative to Barnett Arena to Rapid Citians so the matter can be resolved.

Have you been to one of his public question-and-answer sessions? Whether you are a doctor, banker or homemaker, you may say “I didn’t know that.” The mayor has been clearly articulate with the information. “But he pledged to carry out whatever action the council – and possibly the voters – chose.” To this pledge, I strenuously and with reason object in part; surely 10 city council individuals should not prevail over 44,665 Rapid City registered voters in the end.

You have another information opportunity at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 25, in LaCroix Hall A in the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Toni Martin

Rapid City

DiSanto uninformed and insincere

If Rep. Lynne DiSanto is so uninformed about current events, such as the one in Charlottesville (where a protester was purposely run down by a white supremacist driver), that she didn't see the hateful bigotry in the internet meme about protestors, then she should not be in the Legislature.

If her constituents in District 35 are so gullible that they buy her disingenuous excuse that she thought the cartoon was aimed at keeping people "out of the street" for their safety, then they've got the representation they deserve: clueless.

And please, pandering politicians, stop with the faux apologies that equivocate by telling us you're "sorry if people took offense." The problem isn't our tender sensibilities. It's that you are offensive.

Susan Martley

Rapid City

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DiSanto right to call out protesters

The quick demand by the South Dakota Democratic Party executive director for Rep. DiSanto's apology for her Facebook comments/cartoon was not unexpected. Rep. DiSanto did apologize, but just like the rest of us who believe in our Constitution, she is entitled to express her opinions on issues that frustrate many of us — no matter your belief.

I perused every South Dakota and Pennington County Democrat website and couldn't find any article where any official in their hierarchy came to the defense of President Trump when comedienne Kathy Griffin held up an image of his severed head or when a New York City actors' group portrayed him being murdered. By the absence of official comments from the Democrats, does this mean they condoned those actions or were they hiding in their safe spaces again and didn't see the stories?

Rep. DiSanto does respect everyone's right to peaceful protest, and I'm with her when it comes to challenging protestors who block our ability to move safely along the streets that belong to all of us.

Ken Delfino


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