Public scrutiny tough on lawmakers

The recent outrage over Lynn DiSanto’s Facebook meme got me thinking about how something like this can cascade into a major overreaction. I’m certain the intent wasn’t to encourage people to run over protesters and assuming the worst motive is unfair. We forget the good things Disanto has done such as working against human trafficking. This became the issue that it did because the Journal chose to put it as the lead story on the front page.

The bigger point: how much are legislators going to endure before they say it’s just not worth it? At a salary of $6000/year, five cents/mile travel reimbursement, a modest per diem, and campaign expenses, one has to wonder why anyone would want the job. After all, you’re accused of everything from racism to homophobia at the slightest misstep.

I know several legislators, and it’s clear to me that the job is more a labor of love and duty than anything else. This current atmosphere is going to give us legislators who will not be in touch with the average citizen; instead we’ll end up with a bunch of polished, politically correct politicians, who know that the only safe dialogs are one-sentence sound bites.

Daniel Mulally

Rapid City  

Young people face big challenges

Reading a recent letter to the editor, I was amused when she said we have taught school children that they are "simply" evolved animals, especially when science has established that we even have things in common with rocks, at least rocks here on earth.

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I know Christians are reluctant to read anything that causes them to lose their faith, but if they do, it means it wasn't what they need. We don't know what happens when we die, but I am pretty certain there's no heaven "up there" and no hell "down there." Both places said to go on "forever." Forever? For heaven, maybe; for hell, did a God of love really do that? Think of the wars over religion, centuries of cruelty beyond belief. Now, we have been to outer space and guess what? Heaven? Nope. Many hells, of course, places where human beings couldn't exist.

How I wish I was one of those brave humans to explore space. Our young people might just go out there if we don't kill ourselves off trying to prove who's the better "man" on earth. Talk about "meaning;" talk about "hope" for a better future. Young people are depressed and angry and we fail them by not listening. Making the world a better place will take all their courage and strength. '

Margaret Minkel

Rapid City

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