Tax reform, not cuts are needed

Sen. Rounds, I do not know how you can even consider a tax cut of 2 percent across the board without a detailed discussion on tax reform. The maximum federal tax rate is 35 percent with a typical state rate of 4.1 percent, bringing the total to 39.1 percent. Not all states have a corporate income tax. The maximum individual tax rate is 39.6 percent in 2017.

Few corporations and individuals pay taxes approaching that level. I remember Mitt Romney, a man of extreme wealth, stating he paid 13.5 percent in income taxes. He did not pay Social Security and Medicare taxes of 7.65 percent nor did his employer match with an additional 7.65 percent.

In other words, a South Dakota earning too little to have the privilege of paying income taxes still pays, including his employers portion of social taxes, 15.3 percent. The first step in tax reform is tax equality over all income levels not an across the board cut that delivers most of the benefit to those with higher incomes.

Steve Gray


Trump protesters are getting paid

Never in my 80 years have I seen such vitriolic hate shown toward a sitting president. Those socialist misfits who can’t believe that he beat their Lady Clinton are seething with spite and malice toward our duly elected leader.

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Conservative voters were not hate-filled when Obama was elected. These anti-Trump protests which are being staged across America have been orchestrated and funded by the liberal Democratic Party. Liberals can’t believe that the voters in America could have elected him as president. Their poisonous hatred of all things that have to do with our president is awful. Resist? What  does that mean? Occupy Wall Street, the oil pipeline mess in North Dakota, the protests in North Carolina are all the same bunch of outlaws and miscreants who want to see their picture on TV.

Who is paying for all these people to protest? Where do the dollars come from to travel, eat, sleep all over the country? Must be George the socialist Soros.

Jack Sayles


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