Moderation, more thinking will help

The Rapid City Journal reflects the complexity of the modern world. Individuals, organizations and government at all levels struggle with priorities, budgets and an uncertain future. Opinions vary, often lacking all the true facts and respect for others’ viewpoints. Is there an ounce of truth in the other view? Complain, yes, but then labor with them to find reasonable solutions.

Oldsters can’t change things, but we can offer suggestions: moderation in lifestyle and viewpoint is acceptable and often desirable, compromise is rewarding, and an open mind is refreshing. Allow some flexibility to creep into your decision-making; “rules” might better be written as “guidelines.” Forget not to feed the hungry, identify and treat the mentally ill, assist the homeless, and see the value of the arts.

Likewise we should influence and advise our families. Talk and learn mutual individual needs. What mentors can help with health, financial, educational, legal and spiritual needs? Does your 60 year old have nursing home insurance? If not, can you assist him/her financially and expend part of your legacy? How about end-of-life decisions, distribution of possessions, preparing for the inevitable? And the Great Depression taught us frugality and self-reliance.

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Thinking, moderation — pass it on.

Reuben Bareis

Rapid City

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