Transgender troops deserve support

I read an article in the Journal recently about transgender troops. It told how over 140 House Democrats had sent a letter to President Trump asking him to rethink his proposed ban on transgender people serving in the military. I agree with the letter as Trump's proposed ban would "mean discharging active duty soldiers, sailors, Marines and Air Force members who are serving honorably."

 I think we need to thank all of our Armed Forces. They have found the time and the courage (something President Trump never did) to help defend our country. I hope that Sens. Thune and Rounds and Rep. Noem will show some courage and support this action by the 140 plus House members. 

 We need to all support all of our military service people (including those that are transgendered). They are all American patriots helping our country survive in troubled times.

David Nickel


Clarification on Crazy Horse departure

It has recently come to my attention there are rumors circulating that I retired from Crazy Horse Memorial because I could no longer do the work. That is not the case. I resigned from my position on the mountain crew due to philosophical differences.

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I just wanted to set the record straight about my departure from Crazy Horse. I still believe in the mission and still want to see my father’s dream fulfilled.

Cas Ziolkowski


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