Let FAA manage air traffic control

A recent letter to the editor stated that the Air Traffic Control System needs to be taken from the Federal Aviation Administration and placed under the control of a privatized board. This board would be comprised of people from the airline industry.

This would wreak havoc on all other users of the national airspace. What would happen if controllers wanted to strike like they tried in the early 1980s? President Reagan didn't let it happen because he knew what a shutdown would do to air commerce. Airlines have caused the delays seen today because of the hub system they have gone to. There can only be so many flights handled at Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago and other hubs. When they reach saturation, traffic backs up at the feeder airports.

The United States has the safest, most effective ATC system in the world. We don't need another government bureaucracy created that will never go away. Congress needs to provide FAA funding on a two-year cycle and let them do the job they were created to do.

Jerry Densmore

Rapid City

Trump treated unfairly by opponents

I’m getting so sick and tired of hearing about President Trump’s alleged “tacit approval of white supremacy groups” when, if you are at all capable of looking at the issue objectively, it is obvious that all he did was point out that both sides in recent demonstrations bear some responsibility for keeping such activities peaceful, such demonstrations being a right that is protected by the First Amendment whether or not you agree with the viewpoints expressed.

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Never did President Trump, tacitly or otherwise, express any support for right wing extremists of any sort. More importantly, when is the left going to extend the same courtesy to President Trump as conservatives did for President Obama and accept the voice of the people, recognizing the results of the last election and allow the president to work toward bettering this great country in which we live?

Robert Phillips


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