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Gold mining is a threat to area

An article detailing exploratory drilling for gold in the Rochford/Pe'Sla area of the Hills on Sunday contains several erroneous assumptions.

The article characterizes the area as "remote and secluded." Tell this to the cabin and home owners along the route of the equipment and directly in the path of the proposed drilling. Further, to hunters, anglers, hikers and 4-wheelers, "remote" is just the point. The remote areas of the Hills are treasured by a variety of tourists and residents who value tranquility and access to various sporting pursuits. The article omits mention of the deleterious impact on water that drilling has. Put simply, drilling extracts the water, then adds toxins to it. The water cannot be reclaimed. This should be of great interest to Rapid Citians, who are facing significant hikes in their water rates.

If improved, this article would mention the wells going dry in the upper plains because of the depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer, and mention the Colorado River and the San Joaquin Valley, both of which have been dangerously depleted. There is no reason that private gold profiteers should be favored over the rest of us.

Carol Hayse


Black Hills Works' benefit first rate

I recently participated in the Lion’s Club Annual Pancake Breakfast for Black Hills Works. The cakes and sausage were delicious and the social interaction was wonderful. I want to commend the Lions Club for conducting this very worthwhile event.

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What really impressed me were not only the Lions members but the participation by other volunteers, including the School of Mines Hard Rockers. Each one deserves my appreciation as they were courteous and fully engaged. I have a daughter, Lisa, who has been a client of the Black Hills Works for nearly 18 years. I can't say enough great things about this very valuable asset to this region. It was the magnet that caused us to move to the Hills so she could access this organization that serves over 500 individuals as they assimilate and try to live a productive life. In 18 years, we have not experienced one medication error.

The staff and management have been wonderful. I feel blessed for their service. All I can say is congratulations to the Lions Club, thanks to the Hard Rockers and for the great asset the Black Hills Works is to the region. Just wanted to extend a hearty “thanks” to all.

Jim Lawler


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