RAPID CITY - The local flavor was alive and well at the Arrowhead Country Club Pro Am on Thursday, as Rapid City professional J.R. Hamblet carded a 65 (6-under par) to grab a share of the first-round lead with two days to go.

"I played really solid," said Hamblet after the round. "I made a two on No. 2 … I holed a wedge from the edge of the fairway."

Hamblet is joined at the top of the leaderboard by Illinois' Stephen Gordon and Kansas golfer Ryan Vermeer.

Arthur Barrett of Rapid City is the low amateur after a day of play with a first-round score of 2-under 69.

Hamblet began his round on the back nine with four straight pars before dropping in a birdie four at the 14th to get to 1-under par. After a par at the 15th, Hamblet made another birdie on the par-4 16th to go to 2-under.

Back-to-back pars on the 17th and 18th gave him a 33 on the back.

Then, on the front side, Hamblet made par on the first hole before carding a miraculous eagle two on the second after knocking in a wedge from the edge of the fairway to go to 4-under for the day.

"That eagle on No. 2 really got me going," commented Hamblet, who is the PGA Professional at Meadowbrook Golf Course.

However, Hamblet made his only bogey of the day on the par-3 third, dropping him back to 3-under. But, he did not let the bogey get to him as he proceeded to make three birdies - on Nos. 4, 6 and 8 - and three pars on his final six holes of the day to close with a 32 on the front and a 65 for Day 1.

Hamblet noted that "concentration" was the strongest part of his game Thursday and his game plan going in to the day was, "not to force it (and) try not to over-swing."

As for the second round, the game plan is simple: "The same thing as today, to take them when I can get them … fairways and greens," Hamblet said.

Vermeer, who played collegiate golf at the University of Nebraska, also began his round on the backside. Vermeer carded a 1-under 34 on the back and blistered the front with a 5-under 31 and a total of 65 to join Hamblet and Gordon on top after Day 1.

Sitting two shots behind the leaders at 67 are Florida's Doug Ferris and Canada golfer Walter Keating.

North Dakota's Jason Thompson, Ty Armstrong of Minnesota, Indiana's Darret Brinker, Nevada golfer Eddie Heimen and California's Tom Silva all carded opening-round 68s (3-under par) and sit three shots off the lead.

Eight more golfers shot 2-under 69s, including Rapid City's Wil Collins, and five shot 1-under 70s, as 23 players broke par to open the tourney.

Thirteen golfers shot even-par 71s, including Rapid City's Aaron Roeber, the pro at Elks Golf Course.

In the amateur portion of the tournament, Barrett carded nine-hole scores of 35 and 34 to sit alone at the top of leaderboard with a 69.

However, defending champion Tyler Rachetto of Deadwood is lurking only one-stroke back with a 70 on day one. Rachetto, who has won the amateur tourney a total of four times, is tied with Rapid City's Doug Murphy, who also turned in a 70 on Day 1.

Bruce Ashland and Geoff Mead, both of Rapid City, turned in first-round 72s and Rapid City's James Dyk and Paul Mohr shot 73s.

In the net portion of the amateur title, Tom Houghton's net score of 58 propelled him to the top of the leaderboard.

In the team race, the team of Ray Strand, Jay Brewster and Jerry Brown carded an opening round score of 23-under par to lead by a stroke.

First-round scores


J.R. Hamblet, South Dakota 65

Stephen Gordon, Illinois 65

Ryan Vermeer, Kansas 65

Doug Ferris, Florida 67

Walter Keating, Canada 67

Jason Thompson, North Dakota 68

Ty Armstrong, Minnesota 68

Darret Brinker, Indiana 68

Eddie Heimen, Nevada 68

Tom Silva, California 68

Wil Collins, South Dakota 69

James Blair, Utah 69

Andrew Buckle, Austrailia 69

Casey Devoll, Texas 69

Jeff Klein, Nebraska 69

Jamie Kureluk, Canada 69

Ryan Fietfeldt, Nebraska 69

Brett Wayment, Utah 69

James Coleman, Montana 70

Rusty Grant, Indiana 70

Mike Plate, Nebraska 70

Paul Wackerly, Ohio 70

Harold Wallace, Ohio 70

Aaron Roeber, South Dakota 71

Patrick Beste, Minnesota 71

Garrett Clegg, Utah 71

Dave Isaacson, Minnesota 71

Jay Jurecic, Minnesota 71

Grant Maples, Colorado 71

Ian Medlock, New Mexico 71

Benjamin Meyers, Minnesota 71

Mike Stolarsky, Nebraska 71

Luke Swilor, Utah 71

Wes Tuck, Alabama 71

Mike Urbatchka, Wyoming 71

Steve Voinovich, Ohio 71

Trevor Larson, South Dakota 72

Doug Dunwoody, South Dakota 72

Brian Dillon, California 72

Scott Hailes, Arizona 72

Steve Hay, Maryland 72

Jason Hickman, Florida 72

Derick Lamely, Florida 72

Greg Sigler, Texas 72

Mike Vance, Nevada 72

Marcus Wheelhouse, New Zealand 72

Jeff LeMaster, Nevada 73

Mike Louden, Nevada 73

Craig Reed, California 73

Bob Tays, Illinois 73

Neil Thompson, Alabama 73

T.J. Meyer, North Carolina 74

Boyd Brown, Florida 74

Jeremy Glanzer, Texas 74

Larry Huffman, Nebraska 74

Jeff Powell, Texas 74

Milan Swilor, Utah 74

Mike Berg, Minnesota 75

Chad Dunn, Michigan 75

Brad Hale, South Dakota 76

Jason Schmidt, North Dakota 76

Rob Maybaum, Arizona 76

Jeff Tyrell, Nebraska 76

Brett Grosz, South Dakota 77

Chad Gatlin, Montana 77

James McCarthy, Nevada 77

Fred Hecker, South Dakota 78

Jeff Salter, South Dakota 78

Brennan Cecka, Arizona 78

Kevin Hoffer, Florida 78

Randy Jewell, Ohio 79

Ryan Lanzen, Nebraska 79

Jared Smith, Arkansas 80

Johnie Sack, South Dakota 83

Scott Walker, South Dakota 88

Amateurs (net)

Arthur Barrett, Rapid City 69 (62)

Doug Murphy, Rapid City 70 (65)

Tyler Rachetto, Deadwood 70 (70)

Bruce Ashland, Rapid City 72 (64)

Geoff Mead, Rapid City 72 (74)

James Dyk, Rapid City 73 (72)

Paul Mohr 73 (71)

David Hoffman, Sturgis 74 (71)

Tom Houghton Sr., Rapid City 74 (58)

Mike Jacobs, Rapid City 74 (73)

Dave Salter, Rapid City 74 (71)

Ronald Clabaugh, Sun City, Ariz. 75 (71)

Tom Houghton III, Rapid City 75 (72)

Brandon Kandolin, Deadwood 75 (70)

Ray Spellman, Spearfish 75 (71)

Ray Strand, Rapid City 75 (73)

Greg Strommen, Rapid City 75 (66)

Kevin Buntrock, Rapid City 76 (76)

Jack Delaney, Rapid City 76 (68)

Kelly Farrar, Sioux Falls 76 (73)

Jeff Fullerton, Rapid City 76 (68)

Bob Geis, Rapid City 76 (71)

Frank Gentry, Casper, Wyo. 76 (70)

Hank Tanner, Casper, Wyo. 76 (74)

Steve Beardsley, Rapid City 77 (76)

Mark Oetken, Rapid City 77 (70)

Ryne Paulson, Casper, Wyo. 77 (76)

Todd Sisson 77 (74)

Dwight Sobczak Jr., Rapid City 77 (67)

Stanton Anker, Rapid City 78 (78)

Dan Ashmore, Rapid City 78 (73)

Todd Christensen, Rapid City 78 (71)

Chuck Farrar, Rapid City 78 (68)

Randy Harms, Spearfish 78 (69)

Rob James, Rapid City 78 (71)

Bob Powles, Rapid City 78 (73)

Craig Steinman, Rapid City 78 (66)

Dave Butler, Rapid City 79 (72)

Randy Cariveau, Rapid City 79 (70)

Mike Derby, Rapid City 79 (72)

Mark Gentry, Casper, Wyo. 79 (75)

T.J. Gusso 79 (72)

Dustin Hamilton, Gillette, Wyo. 79 (75)

Tomm Odom, Rapid City 79 (71)

Tom Trewick, Rapid City 79 (73)

Jay Brewster, Rapid City 80 (72)

Gary Larson, Rapid City 80 (71)

Dennis Casey, Rapid City 81 (70)

Ryan Junek, Rapid City 81 (76)

Griff Mead, Rapid City 81 (75)

Trevor Messinger, Rapid City 81 (72)

Rick Rylance, Rapid City 81 (70)

Tom Simmons, Rapid City 81 (74)

Matt Stone, Rapid City 81 (78)

John Brewer, Rapid City 82 (70)

Pat Burchill, Rapid City 82 (73)

Wally Byrne, Spearfish 82 (77)

Todd Houghton, Scottsdale, Ariz. 82 (74)

Mike Nichols, Rapid City 82 (75)

Jay Segrist, Rapid City 82 (72)

Jim Klinefelter, Rapid City 83 (72)

Steve Mentele, Rapid City 83 (75)

Brad Slater, Rapid City 83 (76)

Jerry Fisher, Rapid City 84 (75)

Michael Trompeter, Columbine, Colo. 84 (78)

Rich Baumann, Rapid City 85 (75)

Bob Folsland, Rapid City 85 (75)

Ron Junek, Spearfish 85 (74)

Phil Koehler, Spearfish 85 (81)

Kent Mundon, Rapid City 85 (73)

Todd Wiles, Rapid City 85 (80)

Steve Conzet, Rapid City 86 (71)

Rod Cowling, Rapid City 86 (73)

Jim Hawke, Rapid City 86 (86)

Dr. Loos, Rapid City 86 (74)

Rick Wit, Rapid City 86 (72)

Betsy Brown, Rapid City 87 (75)

Ed James, Rapid City 87 (72)

Tom Johnson, Rapid City 87 (78)

Mark Bachman, Rapid City 88 (79)

Kelly Maguire, Rapid City 88 (79)

Harold Orville, Rapid City 88 (67)

Daniel Rush, Phillip 88 (79)

Greg Benning, Brookings 89 (76)

Jim Burke, Rapid City 89 (70)

John Dorsey, Rapid City 89 (75)

Gene Hensley, Rapid City 89 (78)

Paul Hermanson, Phoenix, Ariz. 89 (73)

Jack Lynass, Rapid City 89 (76)

Donnie Morrison, Rapid City 89 (78)

Glenn Parsons, Phillip 89 (77)

Bill Stagarone, Rapid City 89 (74)

Dave Stebbins, Rapid City 89 (75)

Mark Treadwell, Rapid City 89 (78)

Sean Casey, Rapid City 90 (70)

Courtney Clayborne, Rapid City 90 (78)

Rich Huffman, Rapid City 90 (70)

Duncan McRae, Spearfish 90 (79)

Troy Ward, Rapid City 90 (74)

Dominic Gusso, Spearfish 91 (85)

Ross Roll, Rapid City 91 (74)

Dave Wallace, St. Paul, Minn. 91 (81)

Pat Wyss, Rapid City 91 (80)

David Dick, Phillip 92 (80)

Jerry Finn, St. Paul 92 (81)

Jim Scoular, Sioux Falls 92 (80)

Bob Thorson, Phillip 92 (79)

Kathryn Barrett, Rapid City 93 (73)

Len Collins, Rapid City 93 (67)

Jody Gittings, Phillip 93 (86)

Jerry Brown, Rapid City 94 (73)

Don Burns, Phillip 94 (77)

Dan Corey, Rapid City 94 (78)

Lisa Dorsey, Rapid City 94 (71)

Scott Benson, Rapid City 95 (78)

Cal Fuss, Missoula, Mont. 97 (77)

Bob Roland, Rapid City 97 (83)

Wes Haugen, Rapid City 100 (78)

Kent Brugger, Rapid City 103 (77)

Steve Duffy, Rapid City 103 (78)

Jim Wilber, Rapid City 103 (81)

Kathy Cline, Rapid City 107 (77)

W.J. Linderman, Rapid City 112 (80)

Team competition

Ray Strand, Jay Brewster, Jerry Brown -23

Todd Houghton, Arthur Barrett, Lisa Dorsey -22

Ray Spellman, Greg Strommen, Bill Stangarone -22

Paul Mohr, Jay Segrist, Jim Burke -21

Ron Clabaugh, Tom Odom, Bruce Ashland -21

Doug Murphy, Chuck Farrar, Dan Corey -20

Wally Byrne, Bob Folsland, Tom Houghton III -20

Kevin Buntrock, Tom Simmons, Len Collins -19

Steve Mentele, Randy Harms, Don Burns -18

Steve Beardsley, Gary Larson, Harry Orville -17

Dave Salter, Jerry Fisher, Rich Huffman -16

David Hoffman, Tom Houghton Sr., Sean Casey -16

Matt Stone, Mark Bachman, Ross Roll -16

Kelly Maguire, Jack Delaney, Jim Wilber -16

Mike Jacobs, Todd Christensen, Steve Duffy -15

Kelly Farrar, Pat Burchill, Scott Benson -15

Mike Derby, Rick Rylance, Jim Scoular -15

Todd Wiles, Dennis Casey, Jack Lynass -15

Todd Sisson, Betsy Brown, John Brewer -15

Hank Tanner, Jeff Fullerton, Cal Fuss -15

Griff Mead, David Dick, Rod Cowling -15

Tom Trewick, Jim Klinefelter, C. Clayborne -15

T.J. Gusso, Mark Treadwell, Craig Steinman -14

Brandon Kandolin, Ron Junek, Bob Roland -14

Dominic Gusso, Gene Hensley, Bob Thorson -14

Mark Gentry, Randy Cariveau, Paul Hermanson -13

Ryne Paulson, Mark Oetken, Wes Haugen -13

Dustin Hamilton, Rob James, Jim Hawke -13

Bob Powles, Dwight Sobczak Jr., John Dorsey -13

James Dyk, Mike Nichols, Kent Brugger -12

Frank Gentry, Brad Slater, Kathy Cline -12

Mike Trompeter, Donnie Morrison, Greg Benning -12

Tyler Rachetto, Charlie Loos, Glenn Parsons -12

Geoff Mead, Tom Johnson, Walt Linderman -11

Dave Butler, Pat Wyss, Kent Mundon -11

Ryan Junek, Rich Baumann, Steve Conzet -11

Dan Ashmore, Jerry Finn, Dave Stebbins -11

Jody Gittings, Daniel Rush, Kathryn Barrett -10

Bob Geis, Dave Wallace, Ed James -10

Phil Koehler, Trevor Messinger, Troy Ward -8

Stanton Anker, Duncan McRae, Rick Wit -8

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