If there’s an easy way for rally organizers to come up with fresh ideas each year, they come from an obvious source — the bikers themselves.

“They bring their own fun,” said Toni Woodruff, of the Buffalo Chip. “They set up camp and say, ‘This is our party zone.’”

It’s the way that some of this year’s offbeat activities first got started, and the list is long and varied — from a homemade bikini contest to bungee jumping, midget bowling to machine gun shooting.

“Almost every year, it happens organically,” Toni Woodruff said. “People come to us and say, ‘you should do this.’”

For Daymon Woodruff, of the Buffalo Chip, the rally can pride itself on being the first to offer a women’s only ride, the Biker Belles, now sponsored by Harley Davidson. The event is in its fourth year and will take place Wednesday, with a ride from Deadwood to the Buffalo Chip. It also includes a reception, auction and entertainment.

“Nobody else has done that,” Daymon said.

Another interesting twist to the week each year is the roller derby event, he added.

“Nobody else has anything like that,” he said.

The sport has gained support and interest during the last couple of years.

“Word gets out pretty quick and people come from all over to see it, hoping it will become a big part of the rally,” he said.

Spectators will be able to watch the action this year from 6 p.m. to  8 p.m. nightly from the Crossroads Bar upper deck, for free.

“They’re awesome,” Toni said.

A midget bowling show will also return this year with “Lady Victoria” taking center stage.

“They are great entertainment and engage our visitors,” Toni said.

Visitors will also be provided a swimming hole, pond and cabana bar at the Chip this year. They can also take a hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride, watch biker lube wrestling, the Daredevils of America show or a fire dancing show. Zip lines will be offered at the Chip, the Full Throttle and the Broken Spoke. Midget wrestling will also happen at the Full Throttle Saloon this year.

Some favorites will return to the Chip this year, Toni said, including the pickle-licking contest and the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Contest.

Despite it being the 31st year for the Chip, there isn’t pressure to come up with new things each year, Toni said, because most of it happens naturally.

“It’s an evolution,” she said.


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