Dear Editor

With the recall election taking place on October 4, I want to know as a citizen of Chadron the facts about four issues:

1.The citizens of Chadron paid over $12,000 for a study/investigation that was requested  by the Concerned Citizens and the City Council. Its  purpose was to review allegations concerning City Manager Powell and Police Chief Lordino. The study or investigation concluded that there was no malfeasance on the parts of Powell and Lordino.

Why are the voters of Chadron  not allowed to see the entire document or at least a sanitized version? The document seems to be held under wraps and at this point won’t see the light of day.

Given the decision the city is asked to make concerning the recall of two of its elected council members, my question is why? How do voters of Chadron who desire to make an informed decision as to the recall do so when the contents of the investigation are not allowed to be reviewed. I believe as taxpayers we have a right to see that study before the election is held.

2. Why the recall petition filer can’t provide a clear list of the accusations and back them up with documentation. I would think everyone would want to hear both sides of a story and allow the accused to present their evidence  before anyone makes a final decision or votes.

We are going into a recall election because the recall petitioners have stated that the mayor and vice mayor were not representing Chadron’s best interests. Whose best interests, and what does best interest mean? I have not seen any real statements or accusations against the mayor or vice mayor that provide documented specific proceedings of malfeasance.

The recall petition filer has accused the mayor and vice mayor of what I would call city governance malpractice and has not given the accused anything  that would give them a chance to defend themselves against the allegations. Likewise, Chadron citizens have not been given any tangible information to make a valid decision come election day.

I want to hear the other side of the story. I want to make an informed (not emotional) decision and vote based on fact not innuendo.

3. Should the recall be successful, would the remaining council members appoint from a “simple majority” of the of three remaining council members anyone they want to fill Chizek and Duncan’s seats?

4. Is it true, that if one of the three council members who are not being recalled should resign prior to the recall election  a special election would be required to elect not only Chizek and Duncan’s successors but someone to fill the seat of the councilmember that resigned?

Timothy D. Donahue


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