Details for Restoration quotes


Feb 12-29L6913 REQUEST FOR QUOTE EMERGENCY ELECTRICAL UTILITY CONTRACTOR Lacreek Electric Assn., Martin, SD, is looking for Post Emergency, Utility Power Line restoration quotes from Qualifying Minority Contractors. Bids will be reviewed and kept for use after a major storm or FEMA Storm event. Interested parties must be registered as having minority contractor status. Quotes must include mobilization costs, equipment hourly rates, Labor rates regular and overtime for all classifications, material handling charges, assembly units, installation and demolition charges. Lacreek Electric will only consider quotes from the Minority Contractor. Planning Firms will not be acknowledged. Please include State and License number. Send your quotes to Lacreek Electric Assn., Inc. PO Box 220, Martin, SD 57551. Or send by email to in c/o Operations. (Published twelve times at the total approximate cost of $219.36)