Details for Feb. 29, 2020 lien notice


Feb 12, 19 and 26L6945 STORAGE LEIN SALE Notice is hereby given by Mini Stor All, 2015 Cambell St, Rapid City South Dakota 57701, (605) 348-7350. Units will be sold by way of silent auction for delinquent rent. All units in sale are subject to cancellation by owner paying storage fee. Viewing will start at 11 AM on Saturday, February 29, 2020, with winning bids being disclosed at 12 PM. Mini Stor All reserves the right to postpone or delay this auction due to weather. UNIT T230 JEREMY FROST UNIT T233 IPUTU ADIS NEGARA UNIT T408 CARRINGTON TAYLOR UNIT T228 RONALD FISHERMAN UNIT T408 TAYLOR BALD EAGLE UNIT T403 JULIE CAMBELL UNIT T301 JONI BETTELYOUN UNIT T124 ROSEANNA ANDREWS UNIT G41 RAE A WITT UNIT T116 GEORGIA HORNBECK UNIT G32 RYAN WILSON UNIT T114 KEN EISENBRAUN UNIT T411 DEMARA BLEDSOE UNIT G10 DENISE FASTHORSE UNIT G38 JACUELINE MCLAIN UNIT G42 MARIO PONCE UNIT T244 HALI HALL UNIT T312 DEMARRIAS TATUMN UNIT G27 EDELYN CATCHES UNIT T409 MATILDA RED ELK UNIT G04 ROY ADAMS UNIT T242 RAENNE TAYLOR UNIT T130 RAENNE TAYLOR UNIT T415 TARA LONG UNIT T404 MARK WHITEBULL UNIT T123 ALLISON BEAR NOSE UNIT 409 JORDAN KNIGHT (Published three times at the total approximate cost of $87.39)