Details for Nov. 22, 2022 meeting minutes

MINUTES FOR THE MONUMENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS Rapid City, South Dakota Tuesday, November 22, 2022 ROLL CALL AND DETERMINATION OF QUORUM MEMBERS PRESENT: Charity Doyle, Chairman; Tim Johnson, Vice-Chairman; Gary Brown, Member; Jason Lambert, Member; and Patri Acevedo Fuentes, Member. MEMBERS ABSENT: None OTHERS PRESENT: Craig Baltzer, Executive Director; Tracy Heitsch, Deputy Director/Finance; Jayne Kraemer, Deputy Director/Events; David Owen, Production Manager; Teresa Dringman, Accounting Clerk; and Justin Williams, City Attorney; and via teleconference Brook Kaufman, Visit Rapid City; and Greg Strommen, City Council. ADOPTION OF AGENDA Motion to approve agenda was made by Brown, second by Lambert, motion carried. APPROVE MINUTES 1) November 8, 2022 - Motion to approve minutes as presented made by Brown, second by Acevedo Fuentes, motion carried. GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT - None FINANCIAL ITEMS REQUIRING BOARD ACTION 2) Bill List - Heitsch highlighted items greater than $5,000. Motion to approve bill list as presented made by Acevedo Fuentes, second by Johnson, motion carried. VENDOR NAME DESCRIPTION AMOUNT A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC LEASE 1,699.30 A&B WELDING SUPPLY CO INC CHEMICAL 6.30 ALPINE IMPRESSIONS UNIFORMS 39.00 ALSCO INC RENTALS, JANITORIAL - EP 114.85 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES OFFICE & MISC SUPPLIES 543.62 BETHEL ASSEMBLY OF GOD CLUB COMMISSIONS 2,271.26 BORDER STATES ELECTRICAL SUPPLY REPAIR ELECTRICAL 53.08 CARBONHOUSE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 600.00 CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING RESALE 11,017.96 CBH COOPERATIVE GAS 90.40 CHRIS SUPPLY COMPANY INC MISC SUPPLIES - EP 104.36 CITY OF RAPID CITY LANDFILL SERVICES, WATER 5,382.60 CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICE REPAIR EQUIPMENT 2,488.50 COCA-COLA OF THE BLACK HILLS RESALE 14,673.70 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO REPAIR ELECTRICAL, MINOR TOOLS 1,125.86 DOOR SECURITY PRODUCTS INC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 294.00 ECOLAB INSTITUTIONAL INC LEASE 355.31 FERGUSON ENTERPRISES INC REPAIR WATER 30.18 FISHER BEVERAGE COMPANY INC RESALE, RENTALS 6,832.95 FOUR WINDS INTERACTIVE LLC SUBSCRIPTIONS 86.73 G & R CONTROLS INC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - EP 142.00 GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES INC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 160.00 HILLYARD INC / SIOUX FALLS JANITORIAL 62.40 JOAN'S PLANT SERVICE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 350.00 JOHNSON BROTHERS OF SD RESALE 1,746.60 KIEFFER SANITATION INC PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 4199.43 KNECHT HOME CENTER MISC SUPPLIES, MINOR TOOLS, REPAIR STRUCTURES 193.86 KONE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 5,600.00 KURITA AMERICA INC CHEMICAL 1,524.75 M G OIL CO FUEL 1,133.99 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC CHEMICAL 152.93 MENARDS MINOR TOOLS, MISC SUPPLIES 81.67 NORTHERN TRUCK EQUIPMENT CORP MISC SUPPLIES 128.16 NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS INC REPAIR WATER 641.36 PARTS TOWN LLC MISC SUPPLIES 76.87 PIZZA RANCH RAPID CITY RESALE 284.84 PURCHASE POWER/PITNEY BOWES OFFICE SUPPLIES, POSTAGE 487.38 QUALITY BRANDS OF THE BLACK HILLS RESALE, RENTAL 3,590.55 R & R SPECIALTIES INC REPAIR EQUIPMENT 287.50 RAPID CITY JOURNAL - ADVERTISING PUBLISHING 353.57 RAPID CITY SHRINE CLUB CLUB COMMISSIONS 586.39 RED CLOUD INDIAN SCHOOL INC CLUB COMMISSIONS 1,415.73 RED WING SHOE STORE UNIFORMS 118.99 REPUBLIC NATIONAL DISTRIBUTING RESALE 944.30 RIEKES EQUIPMENT COMPANY REPAIR ROLLING STOCK 672.10 RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC UNIFORMS 179.96 RYAN KNUTSON RESALE 82.53 SAFEWAY RESALE 314.14 SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO INC JANITORIAL 193.15 SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF MINES AND TECHNOLOGY CLUB COMMISSIONS 2,732.06 SOUTHERN GLAZER'S OF SD RESALE 191.06 STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA FOOD SERVICE LICENSE, MISC SUPPLIES, MINOR TOOLS 1,188.00 SYSCO MONTANA INC RESALE, JANITORIAL 21,212.16 TIME EQUIP RENTAL AND SALES INC MACHINERY RENTALS 108.04 TK ELEVATOR CORPORATION PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 372.84 UNITED RENTALS NORTH AMERICA REPAIR EQUIPMENT 349.46 US FOODS RESALE, JANITORIAL 19,283.83 WATERTREE INC LEASE 69.00 WESSELS COMPANY REPAIR EQUIPMENT - EP 7,037.58 WESTERN STATIONERS OFFICE SUPPLIES 34.93 ZYMURCRACY BEER COMPANY RESALE 82.20 TOTAL 126,176.27 3) Capital Update - Heitsch stated we do not have anything for approval. We were hoping to secure some used security cameras, but the surplus auction we were anticipating is not moving forward. We will continue to pursue the best option. We have been working with Justin Williams on how to best proceed with the Rushmore Hall pneumatic plan and the additional work affiliated with the pneumatic conversion. In 2015, we had purchased a used 60-foot articulating lift. It is now having major problems. We are weighing the cost to fix versus buying and what size. Baltzer stated we are a perfect candidate to buy good used equipment. We are working through day two items in the Summit Arena. We are still operating on a temporary certificate of occupancy pending the ship's ladders and custom platform to solve the roof access issues. We think we have solutions on the overheating in the concession stand kitchens and window tinting. ITEMS NOT REQUIRING BOARD ACTION 4) Visit Rapid City - Kaufman stated we just heard yesterday the Matador network named Rapid city as one of the best small towns to visit. That is good PR for Rapid City. She stated they are working on a frontline training program to provide stellar customer service. The LNI red carpet event is on Tuesday, December 13. The Sports Commission will have final interviews for candidates very soon. The 2022 economic impact study is in process. We have provided them with information through October. State office of tourism has an economic impact study from 2021 for the state. Kaufman stated it will be posted to their website and will send it to the board upon request. 5) Rapid City Council - Strommen stated last night at council meeting they had a meeting on TIF for Dakota Fields to run sewer. That will benefit the entire soccer program. 6) Rapid City Area Schools - None. ITEMS REQUIRING BOARD ACTION DISCUSSION FROM THE CHAIR, BOARD MEMBERS, AND STAFF 7) Event Update - Kraemer discussed the calendar and highlighted events and plans for the next few weeks. She highlighted the LNI Meet and Greet Breakfast on Thursday, December 15. She also discussed that Food and Beverage is providing catering for visiting hockey teams. 8) Executive Director's Update - Baltzer stated we have a lot of events after Thanksgiving and have had a lot of discussions about logistics. He discussed the wage study the city is conducting in detail and stated it would not be out until the next year. He also discussed a hefty healthcare premium increase for family coverage for employees. This will affect the employee paychecks. 9) October Financial Summary - Heitsch discussed the October financial summary. October came in as we projected. We had over $1 million in self-generated revenue. We received $1 million in gross BBB. We had $845,000 in expenses. Compared to the budget we are at 82% of revenues and 78.5% of expenses. We are going to end the year short of revenue. We have adjusted numbers in 2023. We will be short in reimbursement, box office commission, corporate sales, and food and beverage revenue. Regarding expenses, we think we will make our wages budget overall. We are down two full management positions in our food and beverage department. Dringman is leaving in early December. We continue to have openings in our full-time positions. We are going to be over budget in insurances and debt services. The cost of food and beverage continues to be a challenge. We cannot get some of the product we need. Through the first 21 payments of the year, the BBB we are still at 2.9% ahead of where we were last year. We are up about 12% or $100,000 in utilities. November continues to look solid for us. We are expecting a solid cash position. She commends the team for being cognizant of purchases. 10) Board Meeting Holiday Schedule - Heitsch reminded the Board the holiday meeting schedule of December 13 and December 27 which is between Christmas and New Year's. The December 27 meeting is for approving the bill list. The next meeting will not be until January 24. Johnson and Acevedo Fuentes will likely not make the December 27 meeting, but Doyle, Brown, and Lambert would be available. 11) Board Member Terms and Appointments - Baltzer said we have two board members (Doyle and Johnson) whose terms are up in December. They both intend to stay on and renew for a second term. The other movement is that Brown is in the middle of a term but is retiring. Williams said there is a formal process for reappointment that will be submitted for the mayor's recommendation and council approval. The board members can suggest names or there is a link on the Mayor's page for anybody interested in sitting on the board. They can fill out a form about themselves that goes directly to the Mayor's office. Otherwise, we could get a good list together to send to the mayor's office and then put it through to the city council. You have to live within the city limits. The more names, the better. It can be tough to find people who are able and willing to serve. Brown said he will stay on until we can find someone to fill the position. EXECUTIVE SESSION Permitted by SDCL 1-25-3(1), the Board went into Executive Session to discuss the performance and to conduct an annual performance review of the Executive Director, a public employee. Motion was made by Brown and seconded by Lambert to go into executive session for purposes as permitted by SDCL 1-25-3(1). Upon vote being taken, the motion carried unanimously. Motion was made by Lambert and seconded by Johnson to come out of Executive Session. Upon vote being taken, the motion carried unanimously. ADJOURNMENT Doyle adjourned the meeting at 950 a.m. Respectfully submitted, Teresa Dringman Accounting Clerk The Monument (Published January 25, 2023, at the total approximate cost of $232.49 and may be viewed free of charge at Legal No: 52835