Details for Cattle Auction

FRIDAY , APRIL 19, 2019 – SPECIAL WEIGHUP COW SALE & BRED COW & PAIR SALE SALE TIME: WEIGHUPS – 10:00AM (MT) STOCK COWS – NOON BULLS – 1:00 Early Consignments include: BRED COWS Darby Jespersen 30 – Blk running age cows; Bred Angus; Calving now-May; Calving date dispersion. Jim & Maureen Skavdahl 25 – Blk 3 & 4 yrs, few S.M. cows; Bred Connealy, Sellman & Haas blk Angus; To calve now-May. Stefka & Orr 22 – Blk running age cows; Bred to Leachman Angus bulls; To calve June & July. Fred & Jolene Hagman 18 – Blk cows 2-6 yrs old; Bred Angus; Calving now-May; Calving date dispersion. Chris & Julie Garrett 15 – Blk cows 3-8 yrs old; Bred Angus; Calving now-May. PAIRS Pat Soester 5 – Bwf 3 yrs old with blk & bwf calves at side. 5 – Blk running age cows with blk calves at side. Plus more expected by sale day. Please watch our website for additional listings. Thank you! SELLMAN RANCH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE BULL SALE – 1:00PM (MT) Selling 140 – Yearling Bulls; Angus, Hereford & Sim-Angus. Sons of Rampage, Traction, Cowboy up, Front & Center, EXAR ID Stud, SS Niagra Z29, EXAR Top Game, Churchhill Kickstart 501C, Wide Range, Power Play & Broadway. First Breeding Season Guarantee, FREE delivery and Volume Discount, Bulls will be in the yards on Wednesday,April 17, for your appraisal. Go to our website; To preview the catalog as well as look at the EPD Supplement sheet. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Butch: 308-430-4223 308-665-2079 Adam: 308-430-3742 308-665-1324 Ryan: 308-430-3634 308-432-8338 Brent: 308-430-4377 UPCOMING SALE SCHEDULE Friday, April 26 – Regular Cattle Sale & Special Back to Grass Feeder Sale & Red Western Red Angus Bull Sale Friday, May 3 – Regular Cattle Sale & Special Feeder Sale **JUNE 29 – CLM Legend Buttes Horse Sale** CAN VIEW - BID – BUY ON at Crawford Livestock Market (must register day before) FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE SALES CALL: OFFICE – 308-665-2220 • TOLL FREE – 1-866-665-2220 JACK & LAUREL HUNTER- 308-430-9108 REX MICHEEL- 308-430-0552 RICH & ALICIA ROBERTSON -307-340-1165 e-mail:

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