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Paid Advertisement If Your Legs and Feet Burn and Tingle All Day Long This New Pill Can Help Developed specifically for neuropathy suffers; key ingredients support vital nerves in the legs and feet, which can cause burning, tingling, and numbness By Ronald McCaffrey Health Technology Press HTP – A new over-thecounter pill is helping men and women from all over the country enjoy life again on two healthy feet. Sold under the brand name CircueX, the pill gives users a safe, affordable and effective alternative for managing neuropathy and all the discomfort it brings. This is due to the pill’s active ingredients that are a precise blend of therapeutic compounds which support the delicate nerves in the lower extremities. Research shows that nerve damage in the legs and feet can cause excruciating pain that lasts all day long. Most people report this discomfort in the form of burning, tingling, and numbness. The ingredients in CircueX support nerve health in a new way. This is why people with poor lower leg health, including neuropathy, love this product. The company is experiencing great demand for this product! CIRCUEX SALES ARE IN HIGH DEMAND “In the last few months alone, demand for CircueX continues to climb” explains the President of HighLife Nutrition. “But what’s really exciting is that our customers continue to re-order the product because they are absolutely thrilled with their results.” “Persistent leg and foot pain can make life miserable and ruin your quality of life. We are happy to see CircueX is truly helping people”. NEW HOPE FOR NEUROPATHY SUFFERS Since hitting the market, sales for CircueX have soared and there are some very good reasons why. The ingredients in CircueX come from natural compounds, which are both safe and healthy. These ingredients work together to help revitalize the legs and feet by supporting vital nerves and improved circulation. Research shows nerve damage in the lower extremities can cause the feeling of pain all day long. It can also cause blood flow to slow, which can cause abnormal fluid retention, resulting in swollen, tired, and restless legs. USERS THRILLED WITH RESULTS Many CircueX users report remarkable relief from daily pain and discomfort. Many more report significant improvements in their balance and coordination. They can finally walk again with confidence! “You were my last hope. I can’t believe the results! I never want to be without CircueX. After 3 years of “severe” suffering, I found hope with your product. It took only 3 days before I noticed results, then after 1 week – over 50% relief. Thank You.” “I read the article about CircueX in my newspaper and I told myself that this would be the last thing I would try because I’ve tried almost everything. I was so desperate but not anymore. Thanks so much for your product.” “Your product helps me a whole lot! I had to go without it for a week, and my leg got really miserable. I noticed an immediate difference as soon after taking the capsule! My Mom is 91, has severe leg trouble and a lot of painful leg wrapping. So, your product is going to be like manna from heaven for her! Great stuff!” Healthy Nerves Shouldn’t: • Feel like pins and needles • Make you feel like your hands and feet are burning or in pain • Go numb or lose sensation • Make you lose your balance and coordination CircueX is an OTC pill that helps support optimal nerve health. HOW IT WORKS CircueX is a pill that’s taken just once daily. It does not require a prescription. The active ingredients are a proprietary blend of therapeutic compounds, which support the nerves in the legs and feet, which can cause burning, tingling, and numbness when damaged. Research shows that neuropathy is caused by nerve damage that streams constant pain signals to your brain... and because these nerves are incapable of regenerating on their own this pain never goes away. CircueX provides the body with ingredients essential to nerve health. Key compounds in the formula strengthen the arteries that carry blood and nutrients to your lower extremities. This is important because weak arteries often allow fluid to leak into your legs, which is what makes them feel heavy and swollen. Supporting ingredients boost your circulation so that this oxygenated, nutrient dense blood makes it to the nerves in your legs and feet, which they need to repair. SOLVES OTHER LEG AND FOOT ISSUES One thing the makers of CircueX want you to know is that you don’t have to have neuropathy to benefit. The company reports that diabetics, pre-diabetics, and people with general leg and foot issues all love the product. “Although CircueX was originally intended for neuropathy, our research confirms that nerve damage is the underlying cause of most lower leg issues. That’s why we’re never surprised when people call in excited to tell us that their varicose veins, spider veins, restless legs, and several other issues have improved.” HIGHLY EFFECTIVE With daily use, CircueX helps users find relief from neuropathy and poor lower leg health without any of the negative side effects or interactions associated with drugs. Readers can now enjoy an entirely new level of comfort that’s both safe and affordable. It is also extremely effective, especially if nothing else has worked. HOW TO GET CIRCUEX IN SOUTH DAKOTA A special hotline number and discounted pricing has been created for all South Dakota residents. Discounts will be available starting today at 6:00AM and will automatically be applied to all callers. Your TOLL-FREE Hotline number is 1-800-983-5827 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a limited discounted supply of CircueX is currently available in your South Dakota. Consumers who miss out on our current product inventory will have to wait until more becomes available and that could take weeks. Experience the CircueX relief already enjoyed by thousands of consumers. Don’t wait; call 1-800-983-5827 today. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON. NO INDIVIDUAL RESULT SHOULD BE SEEN AS TYPICAL.

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