Details for Daycare Center

Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Black Hills Health Care System
(BHHCS) Fort Meade, SD 57741, is issuing sources sought for a
daycare center. VA BHHCS intends to enter a revocable license or lease
for buildings #120, #72E & #85, approximately 2,492 square feet, for
operating a Child Care Center.
Interested parties must provide in their proposal:

1) Organization name, address, email address, telephone number, and current
level of experience operating a daycare center that meets The National
Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC eligibility is
in VHA Handbook 1025.02-Child Care Service on Veterans Health
Administration (VHA) Property
2) Cost per child to include meals & snacks for the two different age groups
(0-2yrs. old and 3yrs. and up)
3) Family discounts for more than two children in the center
4) Hourly rate for part-time care
5) Ability to meet minimum Hours of Operation from 6am – 6pm
Monday through Friday.
6) Process for determination of closure on Observed Federal Holidays and
School District closure dates.
In VHA Handbook 1025.02 section 6C.5: Achieve
accreditation by the NAEYC: Centers must have an initial
site visit after 1 year of operation and every 3 years
thereafter. Site visits are conducted by the National VHA
Child Care Program Manager. The child care provider
must maintain accreditation through the renewal process
of the National Association of Early Childhood Programs
during the child care provider’s tenure on VA property.
Child Care Centers who fail to maintain their certification
or allow certification to expire must begin the process
of re-accreditation thru NAEYC within (6) months of
NAEYC certification expiration. This requirement does
not apply to child care services established under the
Revocable License authority. Programs established
under this authority generally are not full-service child
care programs, such as summer camp, or before and after school programs. These intermittent
programs are not subject to accreditation, as the accreditation body does not accredit intermittent
programs. tailored capability statements addressing the of this effort to run a daycare center, with
appropriate documentation supporting claims of organizational and staff capability.

Please reply to Marie Cooper by 5-17-19 at: or 605-720-7452.


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