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Reausaw-Wilson DMD PC Q: How can I have a cavity when I don’t feel anything? A: When a tooth is feeling sensitivity due to a cav- Dr. Sara Reausaw, DMD ity, it has reached the point of being a large cavity. We all have nerves that are in our teeth and extend through the roots of our teeth; when a tooth is sensitive due to a cavity, the nerve has been affected by the bacteria causing the cavity. A cavity of this magnitude will most likely NOT be able to be fixed with a filling. A cavity of this magnitude will need more extensive treatment to save the tooth. More extensive treatment is also going to be more costly treatment for either saving or replacing the tooth. When you are seen for your routine visits, we can diagnose decay at the early stages before tooth pain starts. This makes for more pleasant visits and for many fears of anxious patients to be calmed. Don’t let dental decay get away; schedule today and clear those fears away! 605-343-6691 4215 Berniece Street, Rapid City, SD |

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