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Professional, full strength products for professional results from... (605) 342-7644 ~ (800) 658-5457 2680 Commerce Rd, Rapid City SD Spring 2019 Compare our prices and active ingredients to the box store products - you will be surprised! Read and follow all labels and directions. The staff at Warne Chemical can assist you with product recommendations and how to use them. ProDeuce - For weed control on drive-ways, around trees, storage areas, fence lines and where bare ground weed control is desired. Gives burn-down of existing weeds and residual control of weeds coming from seed. 64 oz container treats 10,000 to 20,000 square feet. $47.90 per 64 oz Cody - Excellent Canada thistle killer. Also controls knapweed, burdock, clover, and black medic. Can be sprayed around trees and shrubs, but not on them. Will not kill grass. One quart covers 10,000 to 20,000 square feet or makes 25-gallons of spray for Canada thistle. $25.95 per quart SpeedZone - For dead weeds fast in residential and commercial lawns. Controls most annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in a lawn. Visual response in hours, just a fun product to spray. 20 oz container, treats up to 18,000 sq ft ~ $29.50 1 gallon container, treats up to 2.5 acres ~ $87.70 Brushmaster - For control of unwanted brush, small trees and poison ivy. Can also be used on hard-to-control lawn broadleaf weeds. 1 quart makes 10 gal of product ~ $28.00 per quart 1 gallon makes 40 gal of product ~ $71.90 per gallon Add MSO or Alligare 90 Premium Surfactant FlumiGard - Professional aquatic herbicide for controlling unwanted surface and submerged aquatic weeds in slow moving water and ponds. 1# Flumigard ~ $110.00 Surface aquatic vegetation: 1 lb covers 1-1/4 to 2 surface acres. Use Alligare 90 Aquatic Surfactant with Flumigard. Submerged aquatic weeds: 1 lb covers approx 5400 sq ft of surface area with an average depth of 6’. Read all label instructions before using. Warnes Special Blend Elite bluegrasses selected for its dark green color, growth habits and disease resistance to give you a great looking lawn. Available in 5# and 25# bags. 5# bag $27.00 Warne Inferno Blend of elite bluegrasses certified low water use by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance. Selected for its color, growth habits and disease resistance. Still needs some irrigation for a great looking lawn. Available in 5# and 25# bags. 5# bag $26.00 Premium Farm Lawn Blend of extremely hardy, drought resistant grasses for low maintenance lawns, machinery storage areas, and reclamation sites. Available in 5#, 25# and 50# bags. 5# bag $26.75 Black Hills Reclamation A mix of reclamation grasses for burn piles, slopes, ditches, where ground cover is needed. Available in 5#, 20# and 50# bags. 5# bag $25.75 Also Available • Wildflowers • Custom mixes • Dryland pasture mixes • Native mixes • Buffalo grass 2680 Commerce Rd Rapid City SD 57702 800-658-5457• (605) 342-7644 Q-4 Turf Herbicide - Death to creeping jenny (field bindweed). For use on home lawns and commercial turf. Gives excellent control of creeping jenny and substantial root reduction. Also controls annual grasses and many other broadleaf weeds. Many hardware store herbicides only give top growth control of creeping jenny. 1 quart covers 10,000 square feet ~ $44.85 1 gallon covers up to one acre ~ $127.95 Trimec - The standard in lawn and turf weed control. Full strength commercial formulation. Trimec Classic ~ $50.85 per gallon Covers up to two acres of turf Trimec 992 ~ $16.95 per quart Covers half an acre Popular Grass Seed Razor Burn - Roundup with fast foliar activity. Gives visual response in 24 to 48 hours AND still kills the entire weed. Commercial formulation. 64 oz container makes 25 gallons of spray. Roundup on steroids. $38.75 per 64 ounce Argos and PondMaster Liquid For algae control in potable water, reservoirs, fish ponds, bulk water storage, and irrigation conveyance systems. Treats up to one million gallons of water. Argos $44.90 per gallon Pondmaster SeClear $51.90 per gallon PondMaster Granulars For algae control in impounded water, water ponds and reservoirs. 5.5 lbs per one acre foot. 10# container $38.85 ~ 50# container $139.00 Futerra Germination and Erosion Control Blankets Excellent for establishing lawns or any type of grass seeding. Futerra blankets accelerate seed germination, maintains more moisture in the soil and helps prevent erosion on slopes. Not for use on high volume water drainage areas. Easy to install - easy to cut to conform to terrain. 82” wide x 135’ long $85.33 9.25¢ per square foot 40” wide x 135’ long $44.51 9.9¢ per square foot 100 bio degradable stakes $24.75 Warnes Best Lawn Fertilizer Especially formulated for the Black Hills soil. Contains lots of slow release nitrogen and iron. Our bags are not as nice as the national brands, but our fertilizer works better and is packaged in standard size bags. 50# bag covers up to 12,000 square feet $34.90 per bag 25# bag covers up to 6,000 square feet $16.90 per bag Milorganite Fertilizer Full strength, organic based nitrogen 6-2-0 with 2.5% iron. Excellent lawn fertilizer... slow release, non-burning. Provides lots of iron for green color. Commercial 50# bag ~ $13.75 per bag Professional Products For Mosquito Control Bifen I/T - Gives 2 to 3 weeks of relief from mosquitos. Spray shrubs, grass, flowers and all other mosquito loafing areas. $26.50 per pint, makes 32 to 64 gallons of product $69.90 per gallon, makes 320 to 640 gallons of product Altosid Briquets - Sustained release briquets to control mosquito larvae in standing water, ponds and any mosquito breeding areas. Toss one briquet for every 10’x10’ of standing water less than 2’ deep. Has a wet release period of 30 days - if area dries up release will stay and continue with new water. Bag of 100 briquets treats 10,000 sq ft of water $144.00 Cyzmic CS - Controlled release insecticide for long residual. Excellent product for perimeter insects like spiders, house flies, cluster flies, crickets and other invading pests. Lasts up to three times longer than Tempo. 8 oz Cyzmic CS makes ten gallons of spray. $36.00 per 8 oz Cyzmic CS Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent Finally - a scent repellent that lasts up to five weeks during the growing season. Touch up sprays may be needed on new, tasty flower buds. $16.99 Ready-to-Use quart $35.99 Ready-to-Use gallon $39.99 Concentrate quart (makes up to two gallons) Pest Control Products We stock professional pest control products for bed bugs, spiders, cluster flies, strawberry root weevils and more. We can recommend the right product and advise you on how to use them.

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