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Area Catholics and Concerned Citizens
Our organization is seeking information on the political actions, the spiritual
direction, and the troubling issues concerning the administration of Catholic prelate
Blase Cardinal Cupich.
We recently held a conference in Mundelein, Illinois on this topic, and we hope to
organize a similar conference in the Rapid City area in the near future. A video of the
Mundelein conference will be available through our website shortly.
What we have encountered in the Chicago area is clearly the promotion of a
pro-homosexual agenda by the archdiocese’s hierarchy and many of its clergy.
I would like to ask Cardinal Cupich a few questions regarding his statements and
Your Eminence, can you truly believe the truths of the Catholic faith, know what the
love of man really is, and respect and fear God if you say or do the following Give Holy Communion at the Requiem Mass of Francis Cardinal George to the
mayor and the governor - neither of whom are Catholic?
Lock traditionalist parishioners out of their parish during the Easter Vigil in an
attempt to force them to attend the Novus Ordo Mass?
Suggest that you would have no problem giving Holy Communion to homosexuals
living in a “committed” relationship as well as divorced and remarried Catholics who
have not first obtained a valid annulment?
Persecute an orthodox priest and pastor simply for wanting to destroy a
pro-homosexual flag that he found in his church’s sanctuary, which was once used in
that sanctuary for a Mass celebrated by the late Cardinal Bernardin in support of the
homosexualist agenda?
Our website will provide you with much more information in the coming weeks.
Any additional information that readers of this ad could provide would be most
helpful. Please contact us at:
Roman Catholic Faithful
PO Box 251 / Petersburg, Illinois 62675
or email me personally at
Stephen Brady
Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.
A not-for-profit corporation currently seeking 501-(c)(3) (tax-deductible) status with the Internal Revenue Service.


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