Details for Notice of Hearing German-Hanson Merger

BEFORE THE DIVISION OF INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND REGULATION STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA IN THE MATTER OF THE MERGER OF THE GERMAN MUTUAL FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANY OF BON HOMME COUNTY AND HANSON FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF SOUTH DAKOTA ) ) ) ) ) INS. 19-19 NOTICE OF HEARING YOU ARE EXPRESSLY NOTIFIED pursuant to SDCL § 58-35-64 that a public hearing before the South Dakota Office of Hearing Examiners is now set for 2:00 p.m., on June 12, 2019 on the third floor of the Foss Building, located at 523 E. Capitol Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota, 57501. The Office of Hearing Examiners may be contacted by phone at 605-773-6811 or by e-mail at Pursuant to SDCL § 58-35-64, the South Dakota Division of Insurance (“Division”) will hold a public hearing on the merger of The German Mutual Farmers Insurance Company of Bon Homme County (“German Mutual Farmers”), a farm mutual insurer whose address of record is P.O. Box 348, 420 Main Street, Scotland, SD 57059, and Hanson Farm Mutual Insurance Company of South Dakota (“Hanson Farm Mutual”), a farm mutual insurer, whose address of record is P.O. Box 307, 431 Main Street, Alexandria, SD 57311. The purpose of the hearing is to determine whether the proposed merger, as filed with the Division on April 29, 2019, is compliant with the provisions of SDCL § 58-35-64. The public hearing is to be held pursuant to the jurisdiction of the Director of the Division under the legal authority conferred by SDCL §§ 1-26-16, 1-26D-4, 58-4-9, and 58-35-64. The Office of Hearing Examiners will preside over this matter pursuant to SDCL § 1-26D-4 and issue a Proposed Decision pursuant to SDCL Chapter 1-26D, and the Director of the Division or a designee will enter a Final Decision on the proposed merger based on the criteria contained in SDCL § 58-35-64. The Director and the parties may also submit stipulated proposed findings of facts and conclusions of law and proposed decision at the hearing. If the amount in controversy exceeds $2,500 or if a property right may be terminated, any party to a contested case may request the use of the Office of Hearing Examiners by giving notice. Any action taken at the hearing may be appealed to Circuit Court and the South Dakota Supreme Court, pursuant to SDCL Chapter 1-26. Any interested party has a right to be present at the hearing and to be represented by an attorney, if desired. The public at large may be present. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, this hearing is being held in a physically accessible location. Please contact the Office of Hearing Examiners 48 hours before the hearing if you have special needs, so arrangements can be made to accommodate you. A person who is not an original party to this contested case and whose pecuniary interests would be directly affected by the Division’s Order made upon the hearing may become a party to the hearing by intervention if timely application therefore is made to the Division, pursuant to SDCL § 1-26-17.1. Dated at Pierre, South Dakota this 10th day of May, 2019. (Published twice at a total approximate cost of $306.62) Larry Deiter, Director South Dakota Division of Insurance

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