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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING SOUTH DAKOTA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION WHAT: Permit for Lookout Solar Park I, LLC for a Permit of a Solar Energy Facility in Oglala Lakota County WHEN: Wednesday, February 6, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. MST WHERE: Hermosa School Gymnasium, 11 Fourth St., Hermosa, SD Pursuant to SDCL 49-41B-15 and 49-41B-16, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission will hold a public input hearing at the above time and place on an application by Lookout Solar Park I, LLC (Applicant) to construct and operate an approximately 110-megawatt (MW) solar generation facility to be located in Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota (Project). The Project is located approximately 22 miles east of Buffalo Gap, South Dakota, on 810 acres of privately owned land in Township 41 North, Range 48 West, Section 36 and the southern portion of Section 35 on individually- owned Indian trust land on the Pine Ridge Reservation (Project Area). The Project includes 500,000 solar panels, an energy storage facility, access roads, underground 34.5 kilovolt (kV) electrical collector lines, an underground fiber- optic cable, a collector substation, an operations and maintenance facility, and temporary construction areas. The Project would interconnect to the high-voltage transmission lines owned by the Western Area Power Administration near Cottonwood Cutoff. The Project is expected to be in-service by the second quarter of 2021. Applicant estimates the solar project would cost approximately $100 million. The purpose of the public input hearing will be to hear public comments regarding the permit Application and the Project. At the hearing, Applicant will present a brief description of the Project, following which interested persons may appear and present their views, comments and questions regarding the Application. A copy of the Application is on file with the Custer and Oglala Lakota County Auditors pursuant to SDCL 49-41B-15(5) and at the Commission’s office in Pierre. The Application and all other documents in the case, including detailed maps of the Project, may be accessed on the Commission’s website at under Commission Actions, Commission Dockets, Electric Dockets, 2018 Electric Dockets, EL18-059 or by contacting the Commission in person at the Capitol Building, 500 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD, or by phone at (605) 773-3201 or (800) 332-1782. Pursuant to SDCL 49-41B-17 and ARSD 20:10:22:40, the parties to this proceeding are currently Applicant and the Commission. Any person residing in the area of the Project; each municipality, county, and governmental agency in the area where the Project is proposed to be sited; any nonprofit organization formed in whole or in part to promote conservation or natural beauty, to protect the environment, personal health or other biological values, to preserve historical sites, to promote consumer interests, to represent commercial and industrial groups, or to promote the orderly development of the area in which the Project is to be sited; or any interested person, may be granted party status in this proceeding by making written application to the Commission. Applications for party status will be available at the public input hearing or may be obtained from the Commission’s website or by contacting the Commission. Applications for party status must be received by the Commission on or before 5:00 p.m. CST on February 15, 2019. Following the public input hearing, the Commission may schedule a formal evidentiary hearing conforming to SDCL Chapter 1-26 to consider any issues raised by any intervening party, the Commission’s staff, or the Commission itself. At such formal hearing, all parties will have the opportunity to appear, present evidence, and cross-examine the other parties’ witnesses and exercise all other rights afforded by SDCL Chapters 1-26, 49-1, and 49-41B and ARSD Chapters 20:10:01 and 20:10:22, including rights of appeal to the courts. For approval, Applicant must show that the proposed Project will comply with all applicable laws and rules, will not pose a threat of serious injury to the environment nor to the social and economic condition of inhabitants or expected inhabitants in the siting area, will not substantially impair the health, safety or welfare of the inhabitants, and will not unduly interfere with the orderly development of the region with due consideration having been given to the views of governing bodies of affected local units of government. Based upon these factors, the Commission will decide whether the permit should be granted, denied, or granted upon such terms, conditions, or modifications of the construction, operation, or maintenance as the Commission finds appropriate. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, this hearing is being held in a physically accessible location. Please contact the Commission at least 48 hours prior to the hearing if you have special needs so arrangements can be made to accommodate you. The Commission’s contact information is: ph (800) 332-1782;; 500 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501. Published twice by the South Dakota PUC at a total approximate cost of $398.40.

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