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Spearfish Canyon Golf Club 18 Holes of Golf for $37 - a $74 Value! value: DISCouNT: $74 50% PRICE: View Deal $37.00 Long regarded as one the region’s finest golf courses with spectacular vistas of the surrounding terrain, the Spearfish Canyon Golf Club is the premier facility in the Northern Black Hills. Originally named the Spearfish Canyon Holding Company, the golf club was established in 1921 and the front nine was opened shortly thereafter, making it one of the oldest golf courses in the great state of South Dakota. In 1988, the Spearfish Canyon Golf Club became the first 18hole golf course in the Northern Black Hills. South of the country club property, legendary Spearfish Canyon presents an unparalleled scenic backdrop which captivates all who play. Spearfish Canyon Golf Club is a family oriented semiprivate facility providing an outstanding golf experience complimented by a very high level of service. Want to get more deals like this? Register online at: • *You must register online for i love A DeAl

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