Details for TV Grid 0414

SUNDAY Prime Time 6 PM 6:30 MOVIES 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 KIDS April 14, 2019 BEST BETS 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11:30 PBS CBS Madam Secretary Elizabeth deals with fall- KELOLAND News at Inside KELOLAND God Friended Me “Que Sera Sera” (Sea- NCIS: Los Angeles A Navy SEAL is atson Finale) Miles, Cara and Rakesh finally tacked while moonlighting at a security job out from a news article alleging she had an Ten (N) affair with President Dalton. (N) for a successful marijuana dispensary. meet the elusive Henry Chase. (N) ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos Funny American Idol “212 (Top 14)” (N Same-day Tape) and unusual sneezes; a chocolate-covered tot tries to blame the dog. KOTA Territory Shark Tank A socially interactive party game; a customized household product that News (N) ensures safety. (N) NCIS: New Orleans Painful memories re- Rizzoli & Isles “65 turn when a bloody copycat murder leads to Hours” the reopening of case for Wade. IND Ellen’s Game of Games Contestants play World of Dance “The Cut 1” Upper and junior team acts perform. (N) for a chance to win. Good Girls “The Dubby” Beth takes her kids with her on a job. (N) (DVS) On the Money (N) FOX The Simpsons “101 Bob’s Burgers Mitigations” “Tweentrepreneurs” M*A*S*H “Post Op” The Simpsons Unforgotten on Masterpiece Searching for Jamestown Maria commits a terrible crime. Warrior Women (2018) The life of Lakota Hayley’s family. (N) activist Madonna Thunder Hawk. 11 PM Call the Midwife Mother copes with son’s birth defect. (N) IND Les Misérables on Masterpiece Valjean and Fantine face a decision. (N) SPORTS Bob’s Burgers “Live Family Guy “Trans- Family Guy “Family Black Hills Fox News (N) (Live) and Let Fly” Fat” Guy Lite” M*A*S*H “Margaret’s Columbo “Columbo Likes the Nightlife” The suicide of a tabloid reporter. Marriage” Star Trek “Spectre of the Gun” Like a gun- Star Trek: The Next Generation “Tapestry” Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Defiant Q lets Picard relive the past. gets a distress call. HEROICN fight at the OK Corral. Ellen’s Game of Games “Danger Word War Z” Contestants play for a chance to win. CW blackish “Good Dre blackish “I’m a Sur- Supergirl Manchester Black breaks out Hunting” vivor” (DVS) of prison. HouseSmarts MNT Funny You Should Major Crimes “Frozen Assets” A wealthy Ask dog is murdered. The Carol Burnett Show To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé Matter of Fact With Madam Secretary “Convergence” A comSoledad O’Brien (N) puter sting uncovers the possible mole in the CIA arms smuggling ring. Person of Interest “Point of Origin” Newscenter1 Sunday News (N) The Outdoorsman The Simpsons “A With Buck McNeely Father’s Watch” Night Gallery “The Caterpillar” Meet the Press Last Man Standing Last Man Standing “House of Tutor” Night Gallery “Little The Twilight Zone Girl Lost” Star Trek: Voyager “Q2” Q2 must stay with Star Trek: Enterprise “Hatchery” Archer his reluctant aunt. tries to save hatchlings. The Twilight Zone Hunter “All That Glitters” Rick delves a victim’s background. Good Girls “The Dubby” When Rio gives her an assignment, Beth is forced to take her kids with her. (N) Newscenter1 Sunday News (N) On the Money (N) Meet the Press Charmed “Touched by a Demon” Macy tries to cope with her situation. Family Guy “Peter’s Family Guy “Hot Sister” Pocket-Dial” The Cleveland Show Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement Bones “The Crack in the Code” A cryptic message written in blood. Access (N) Comics Unleashed How I Met Your With Byron Allen Mother “Daisy” World of Dance “The Cut 1” The top six upper and junior team division acts face the deepest cut of the season. (N) NBC Collector’s Call “Winnie the Pooh” Washington Week Overnight Radar Derby Dogs (2012) Edward Hall.

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