Details for TV Grid 0811

SUNDAY Prime Time 6 PM 6:30 MOVIES 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 KIDS August 11, 2019 BEST BETS 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 CBS Big Brother A new head of household; two Instinct “After Hours” Dylan and Lizzie guests are put up for eviction. (N) investigate the murder of a high-powered public relations rep. (N) Instinct “Go Figure” Dylan and Lizzie work KELOLAND News at Inside KELOLAND to uncover why an Olympic-hopeful figure Ten (N) skater is killed while on the ice. (N) Person of Interest Matter of Fact With Madam Secretary “The Call” Elizabeth Soledad O’Brien (N) asks the president for help with a dire situa- “Witness” tion in Western Africa. ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos A fake Celebrity Family Feud Sherri Shepherd; alligator goes after a woman lounging in a Ian Ziering. (N) river. (DVS) The $100,000 Pyramid Bridget Moynahan; To Tell the Truth Weird Al Yankovic; Rob Jay Glazer. (N) (DVS) Riggle; Jesse Williams. (N) (DVS) KOTA Territory News (N) NCIS: New Orleans “Checkmate, Part II” Rizzoli & Isles Pride’s teams uncover a sinister plot during “Throwing Down the Gauntlet” Fleet Week. (Part 2 of 2) Bring the Funny “The Open Mic 4” Acts compete in the last open mic night. Newscenter1 Sunday News (N) On the Money (N) Last Man Standing Family Guy “Family Teen Choice 2019 Honoring the year’s teen icons. (N Same-day Tape) Guy Lite” Black Hills Fox News (N) (Live) The Outdoorsman The Simpsons With Buck McNeely M*A*S*H “Big Mac” Collector’s Call “Comic Book Art” The Dick Van Dyke The Dick Van Dyke The Twilight Zone Show Show FOX IND M*A*S*H “Payday” Gymnastics U.S. Championships Senior women’s competition. From Kansas City, Mo. (N Same-day Tape) Columbo “It’s All in the Game” Two women kill their two-timing lover. Star Trek “The Enemy Within” A glitch splits Star Trek: The Next Generation Worf questions his father’s dishonor. HEROICN Kirk into opposites. Hollywood Game Night NBC CW MNT HouseSmarts Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “The Visitor” Star Trek: Voyager “Night” Janeway ques- Star Trek: Enterprise “E2” An Enterprise A warp-core accident claims Sisko. tions her decisions. ship from the future. Gymnastics U.S. Championships Senior women’s competition. From Kansas City, Mo. (N Same-day Tape) black-ish “Blue Val- black-ish “Collateral Penn & Teller: Fool Us Marcus Eddie; entime” Damage” Kevin Li; Blake and Jana. The Carol Burnett Show Firing Line With Margaret Hoover 11:30 PBS Hollywood Game Night Jamestown (Series Finale) The Sharrows’ Charlottesville Unite the Right rally in Virginia. rivalry reaches the limit. (N) 11 PM Poldark on Masterpiece Ross returns to Cornwall. IND Grantchester on Masterpiece Will struggles with a decision. (N) (DVS) SPORTS Bring the Funny Sketch, variety and stand- Newscenter1 Sunup comedy acts give it their all in the open day News (N) mic round’s final night. Pandora “I Shall Be Released” The cadets Family Guy “The respond to a distress call. Thin White Line” Funny You Should Major Crimes “Hindsight Part 2” A shocking Bones “The Diamond in the Rough” The Ask discovery is made. team investigates a dancer’s death. Access (N) Family Guy “Brian Does Hollywood” The Cleveland Show Meet the Press Last Man Standing Last Man Standing “School Merger” The Twilight Zone The Dead Zone “The Mountain” Taken hostage while camping. On the Money (N) Meet the Press Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement Comics Unleashed How I Met Your With Byron Allen Mother To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé Overnight Radar ›› Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

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