Details for TV Grid 03-17

SUNDAY Prime Time 6 PM 6:30 MOVIES 7 PM 7:30 8 PM SPORTS 8:30 KIDS March 17, 2019 BEST BETS 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 50 Years With Peter, Paul and Mary Performances by Peter, Paul and Mary. Celtic Woman: Ancient Land Celtic Woman performs in Ireland. Neil Diamond: Hot August Night III Neil Diamond performs in Los Angeles. CBS God Friended Me Miles gets an offer to join NCIS: Los Angeles After months of plana podcast network that wants the rights to ning, the NCIS family celebrates the wedding of Kensi and Deeks. (N) the god account story. (N) Madam Secretary Elizabeth must relocate KELOLAND News at Inside KELOLAND the population of a small Pacific island be- Ten (N) fore a typhoon makes landfall. (N) Matter of Fact With Madam Secretary “Snap Back” Elizabeth Person of Interest Soledad O’Brien (N) tries to stop Israel from taking military action “Deus Ex Machina” against the Iranians. ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos Parents American Idol “204 (Auditions)” Aspiring singers perform for the judges. (N) trick kids into eating caramel-covered onions; kids say funny things. KOTA Territory Shark Tank A spa design for relieving aches and pains; sustainable protein; a kid’s News (N) reward system. (N) NCIS: New Orleans A sailor is murdered during a rowdy motorcycle rally in the city; Lasalle seeks Gregorio’s advice. IND Ellen’s Game of Games Contestants play World of Dance “The Duels 1” (N) for a chance to win. Good Girls Tensions escalate with Boomer. Newscenter1 Sun(N) (DVS) day News (N) On the Money (N) FOX MasterChef The junior cooks are put to the test. The Simpsons “E My Sports” (N) IND M*A*S*H “It Happened One Night” Columbo “Strange Bedfellows” A man murders his brother. Touched by an Angel “A House Divided” A Night Gallery boy wants to divorce his parents. Star Trek “I, Mudd” Harry Mudd, ruler of Star Trek: The Next Generation Riker falls Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “A Time to for an androgynous being. Stand” Sisko targets a storage facility. Star Trek: Voyager “Live Fast and Prosper” Star Trek: Enterprise “Judgment” Klingons Hunter “Street Wise” A man harasses the Con artists impersonate the crew. try Capt. Archer. homeless. (Part 1 of 2) Ellen’s Game of Games “The Sound of Musical Chairs” Contestants play for a chance to win. World of Dance “The Duels 1” (N) Good Girls Tensions between the women, Newscenter1 SunBoomer and Mary Pat reach a boiling point. day News (N) (N) (DVS) On the Money (N) Meet the Press NBC CW blackish “God” (DVS) blackish Junior runs Supergirl “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” for class president. Lex is furloughed from prison. (N) Charmed “Switches & Stones” Mel and Maggie switch bodies and powers. (N) Family Guy “Roast- Family Guy “Fighting The Cleveland ed Guy” Irish” Show Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement HouseSmarts Funny You Should Major Crimes “Pick Your Poison” The Ask squad races to find a drug dealer. Bones “The Hot Dog in the Competition” A Access (N) competitive eater turns up dead. PBS M*A*S*H “The Late Captain Pierce” HEROICN androids. MNT Bob’s Burgers “What About Bob?” Family Guy (N) Family Guy “Con Heiress” Black Hills Fox News (N) (Live) To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé Rizzoli & Isles “Two Shots: Move Forward” Meet the Press The Outdoorsman The Simpsons “Ca- Last Man Standing Last Man Standing With Buck McNeely per Chase” “The Dad Hat” Night Gallery Comics Unleashed How I Met Your With Byron Allen Mother The Twilight Zone Overnight Radar The Twilight Zone Cartel War (2009) Jack Lucarelli.

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