Details for TV Grid 0111

FRIDAY Prime Time 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM Great Performances “The Cleveland Orchestra Centennial Cele- Images of the Past BBC World News bration” The Cleveland Orchestra’s centennial. (N) 10:30 PBS CBS KELOLAND News at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert MacGyver Mac and the gang must catch an Hawaii Five-0 MacGarrett and the team try Blue Bloods “Milestones” Frank tries to underworld criminal who is trying to acquire to determine what happened when Grace reinstate an officer after questioning the cir- Ten (N) cumstances surrounding her firing. (N) gets into a car accident. (N) a dirty bomb. (N) Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) “Weekend Getaways” (N) Fresh Off the Boat Speechless “R-O-“You’ve Got a Girl- ROLL M-O-- MODEL” (N) friend” (N) 20/20 ABC IND NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Access (N) Blindspot “Check Your Ed” Jane undergoes a brain treatment. (N) The Blacklist “The Pharmacist” Red represents himself in court. (N) The Six (N) The Big Bang Theory Last Man Standing The Cool Kids “Common Ground” “Charlie’s Angel” Hell’s Kitchen “Devilish Desserts” Lack of Black Hills Fox News (N) communication causes chaos. (N) Two and a Half Men The Big Bang Theory M*A*S*H “That’s Show Biz” M*A*S*H “That’s Show Biz” The Andy Griffith Show Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Carol Burnett and Friends IND Statehouse 8 PM Washington Week (N) FOX Market to Market January 11, 2019 BEST BETS The Andy Griffith Show Star Trek “Spectre of the Gun” Like a gun- Star Trek: The Next Generation Widow accuses Riker of murder. HEROICN fight at the OK Corral. Access (N) Dateline NBC WKRP in Cincinnati Hogan’s Heroes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Shakaar” Kira becomes a fugitive. Hogan’s Heroes Dateline NBC Blindspot Weller approves an experimental The Blacklist Red represents himself in brain treatment that could eliminate Remi court, while the task force hunts a renegade doctor and biohacker. (N) and restore Jane. (N) CW Family Guy “Stewie Family Guy Loves Lois” Whose Line Is It Anyway? MNT The Verdict With Judge Hatchett CSI: Miami “Blood Sugar” A sugar refinery CSI: Miami “On the Hook” A fisherman nar- Comics Unleashed The Game explodes. rowly escapes death. With Byron Allen How I Met Your Mother “Hooked” 11:30 America’s Heartland The Late Late Show With James Corden KOTA Territory News at 10 (N) Jimmy Kimmel Live NewsCenter1 at 10pm (N) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Late Night With Seth Meyers NewsCenter1 at 10pm (N) NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend “I Need Some Balance” (N) 11 PM MN Original Nightline (N) Last Man Standing Last Man Standing “Outdoor Man Grill” “Wedding Planning” Perry Mason Chemist accused of killing her boss. The Twilight Zone Star Trek: Voyager “The Killing Game” The Star Trek: Enterprise “Babel One” A secret NYPD Blue “A Wrenching Experience” Hirogen play deadly Holodeck games. Romulan vessel. Drive-by shooting; a baby’s death. NBC Whose Line Is It Anyway? Dakota Life Page Six TV (N) The Goldbergs (DVS) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Late Night With Seth Meyers The Goldbergs “12 Seinfeld “The Ticket” Seinfeld Jerry buys Rules of EngageTapes for a Penny” (Part 2 of 2) his folks a new car. ment The Game “Catfight Dish Nation (N) on the Catwalk” Overnight Radar

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