Details for TV Grid 0814

WEDNESDAY Prime Time 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 PBS NOVA “Pluto and Beyond” New Horizons prepares for a flyby. CBS Big Brother Houseguests vie for the power SEAL Team The team prepares for what of veto. (N) it expects to be a “cushy” deployment at a hotel in the Philippines. ABC Wheel of Fortune “Wheel Across America” IND FOX IND August 14, 2019 BEST BETS NOVA “The Planets: Ice Worlds” Uranus and Neptune; Pluto; Kuiper belt. (N) 8 PM 8:30 Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World “The Telescope” 9 PM 9:30 Amanpour and Company (N) 10 PM BBC World News 10:30 Dakota Life 11 PM MN Original 11:30 Travel Detective With Peter SEAL Team “Paradise Lost” While Bravo KELOLAND News at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Team is deployed to train Filipino SEALs, a Ten (N) bomb attack leaves the team in peril. The Late Late Show With James Corden KELOLAND News at Ten Jeopardy! “Teachers Press Your Luck “104” (DVS) Tournament Week 1” Card Sharks (Season Finale) (N) (DVS) Match Game “Code Blue” Joel McHale; Mayim Bialik; Kal Penn. (N) (DVS) KOTA Territory News at 10 (N) Jimmy Kimmel Live Nightline (N) NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Access (N) America’s Got Talent “Live Results 1” (N Same-day Tape) Songland “Macklemore” Songwriters pitch The InBetween “Monsters and Angels” to Macklemore. (N) Cassie must deal with Ed Roven. (N) NewsCenter1 at 10pm (N) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (N) Late Night With Seth Meyers The Six (N) The Big Bang Theory MasterChef “Mind Blowing Food” The cooks facing a plating challenge. (N) BH90210 “The Pitch” FOX greenlights a reboot. (N) (DVS) Black Hills Fox News (N) Two and a Half Men The Big Bang Theory The Andy Griffith Show Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Hogan’s Heroes The Carol Burnett Show M*A*S*H Col. Potter, M*A*S*H “It Hapthe new CO. pened One Night” The Andy Griffith Show Green Acres “Kimball Gets Fired” Star Trek “Miri” Orphans found on Earthlike Star Trek: The Next Generation “Tin Man” Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Rejoined” Enterprise finds new life-form. Dax meets a spouse from a former life. HEROICN world. Hogan’s Heroes Star Trek: Voyager “In the Flesh” Aliens train to invade Earth. America’s Got Talent “Live Results 1” (N Same-day Tape) CW Family Guy “Meg Stinks!” Family Guy Bulletproof “Episode 2” A search for a no- Hypnotize Me “Party Night” Contestants torious criminal. (N) think they love Taye. (N) Page Six TV (N) MNT The Verdict With Judge Hatchett How I Met Your Mother Dateline “Fatal Attraction” A doctor ingests Dateline “What Lies Beneath” A mother’s a lethal chemical. disappearance. Comics Unleashed The Game “Baby With Byron Allen Come Back” The Goldbergs “Smother’s Day” Perry Mason “The Case of the 12th Wildcat” Football owner accused of murder. The Twilight Zone Pool hustler dreams. Star Trek: Enterprise “Zero Hour” Disarm- NYPD Blue “Guns ’N Rosaries” Shooting ing the superweapon. ignites racial hostilities. NewsCenter1 at Songland “Macklemore” Songwriters pitch The InBetween “Monsters and Angels” to Macklemore. (N) Cassie realizes that she must deal with Ed 10pm (N) Roven once and for all. (N) NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Access (N) NBC Last Man Standing Last Man Standing The Goldbergs The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (N) Late Night With Seth Meyers Seinfeld Jerry buys Seinfeld “The Beard” Rules of Engagehis folks a new car. ment The Game “Rules of Dish Nation (N) the Street” Overnight Radar

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