Details for TV Grid 0911

WEDNESDAY Prime Time 6 PM PBS 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM BBC World News 11 PM 11:30 Curious Traveler The Ringstrasse. The Late Late Show With James Corden KELOLAND News at Ten Celebrity Family Feud Brooklyn Decker; Andy Roddick. (DVS) KOTA Territory News at 10 (N) Jimmy Kimmel Live Nightline (N) NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) Access Hollywood America’s Got Talent “Live Results 5” Five Songland “OneRepublic” Songwriters pitch Hollywood Game Night Two teams com(N) performers move on. to OneRepublic. (N) pete at party games. (N) NewsCenter1 at 10pm (N) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (N) Late Night With Seth Meyers The Six (N) The Big Bang Theory SEAL Team “My Life for Yours” The team searches for Ray after he gets separated from it. ABC Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) “Teacher’s Week” (N) The Goldbergs “I Coulda Been a Lawyer” IND MasterChef “London Calling -- Pt. 2” The top four prepare a venison dish. (N) M*A*S*H “Fade Out, M*A*S*H “Fade Out, The Andy Griffith Fade In” Fade In” Show S.W.A.T. “Trigger Creep” The team races to locate the next place a lone gunman will strike. Schooled “CB Likes Modern Family Lainey” (DVS) “Commencement” The Andy Griffith Show Star Trek “The Changeling” Nomad space Star Trek: The Next Generation “Identity Crisis” Parasite turns Geordi into an alien. HEROICN probe spots Kirk. Single Parents “Lance Bass Space Cump” BH90210 “The Long Wait” The cast celebrates finishing the pilot. (N) Black Hills Fox News (N) Two and a Half Men The Big Bang Theory Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Hogan’s Heroes “The Hostage” The Carol Burnett Show Green Acres “Not Guilty” Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Jake Sisko panics in battle. Hogan’s Heroes NewsCenter1 at 6pm (N) NewsCenter1 at Access Hollywood America’s Got Talent “Live Results 5” Five Songland “OneRepublic” Songwriters pitch Hollywood Game Night “Kiss Me in (N) performers move on. (N Same-day Tape) to OneRepublic. (N) Lamorne-ing” Two teams compete at party 10pm (N) games. (N) CW Family Guy “Take My Wife” Family Guy “Dial Meg for Murder” Tamron Hall (N) Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Perry Mason Retired general charged with The Twilight Zone murder. “Still Valley” Star Trek: Voyager “Survival Instinct” Sev- Star Trek: Enterprise “Broken Bow” Inter- NYPD Blue “Twin Petes” Man may be acten of Nine receives a Borg relay. galactic upheaval. (Part 2 of 2) ing as his twin. NBC MNT 10:30 Dakota Life “Gener- MN Original ations” KELOLAND News at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Ten (N) Big Brother (N) IND 8 PM Animal Babies: First Year on Earth Baby NOVA “Treasures of the Earth: Gems” Pre- Magical Land of Oz “Human” People over- Amanpour and Company (N) animals venture out on their own. (N) cious gems. (DVS) come human-induced change. (N) CBS FOX September 11, 2019 BEST BETS Bulletproof “Episode 6” (Season Finale) Ronald Pike Sr.’s past is uncovered. (N) Hypnotize Me “Party Night” Contestants think they love Taye. (N) Page Six TV (N) Dateline “Troubled Waters” A cold case involving a mom lost at sea. Dateline “The Face of Evil” Investigating a Comics Unleashed The Game Welcom- The Game “Punk college student’s death. With Byron Allen ing Clay’s boyfriend. Ass Chauncey” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (N) Seinfeld “The Apart- black-ish “Good-ish black-ish “Daddy ment” Times” Dre-Care” Dish Nation (N) The Goldbergs (DVS) Overnight Radar Late Night With Seth Meyers The Goldbergs (DVS)

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